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November 09, 2007


Emily Alexis

Wahoo! Tater Tot Friday's are back!


Tat is back!

Was that blanket really wooled from milagro? That is pretty cool and a nice color? Who made it into a blanket?


The satisfied slumber of the pure at heart . . . as an avid knitter with a fantasy about raising sheep, spinning their wool, and using it to make, say, comfy blankets, I'm delighted to see that Milagro's wool is not going to waste.

Jim from Columbus

If you are bringing back "Tater Tot Fridays", you can bring back "Donna Tuesdays" too. Geesh.


I missed pictures of Tater Tot on Fridays... i am on e of the unfortunate souls that enjoy your blogs :)


Do you have Donna locked up in some strange secret room in your barn with Milagro and a spinning wheel? Perhaps, hoping that one day she'll be spinning that wool into gold? No wonder Milagro has that spooky look...
I'm just sayin'...

Welcome back! I missed you but would sometimes read your insigtful comments on Frank's blog.


YEAH!!!! I finally have my Tater fix - it's been a long year, Bean. Seeing the Wonder Tot will be a great beginning to the weekend.

Enjoying your comments/observations/general peculiarity of things around us.



Bean- Logged on this morning and found you are blogging again! So glad! Can't wait to make a pot of Earl Grey and read all the posts!
With love from Biloxi, MS,
Anita (aka Mrs Anna from your previous blog home)
ps- Love the picture of Tot today!


Oh happy day! My Friday just got so much better :)

Vic Rattler

If your going to bring back the Tater Tot feature how about some of the other hits; weird random photos, and weird random song lyrics?


If she ever needs a baby sitter, i will offer my services. She's wonderful and looks very easy going!

me! =)

Is it ridiculous to say that an immidiate smile and tears starting building up from seeing lil' baby Tater Tot?!?!? I can't stand how perfect she is in EVERY way!!!! Thank you Bean!!! I now look forward to Fridays more!

Give the "Tot" kisses & take care!

me! =) <-- Tater Tot's #1 fan!

Tiffiny Whitney

What a cute puppy. :) She's MUCH cuter than my friend's English bulldog.


The Priest Who Stalks Conan

I think I speak for everyone when I demand more pictures of "The Tot"

I mean, really, come on with the come on's already.

Got to go...


I too enjoy a good Tater Tot but really I'm here for your words of wisdom and information. I have now made your daily postings part of my routine in getting my day started.....I heart Bean's blogs....


I read a number of blogs as well. Yours appeals to my love of the interestingly obscure.


Glad to see that Tater Tot is doing well on the house with the big clown head.


I heart Tater Tot!!


I don't that i demanded the return of tater tot fridays, it was a heart felt request.... besides how can one not fall in love over and over again with that beautiful dog of yours.

i loved your blog before because of the off-beat stuff you shared with us... i truly am giddy that you have decided to share your world with us again!!!


tater tot...that also britney's nickname for her kids. release donna from the barn!!!


What a face!

Geez, I really hate being dogless.


What about Ham Sandwich???????????


Seriously? That wool came from Milagro? Very impressive. I must add sheep shearing and knitting and whatever comes in between to your list of talents. P.S. Thanks for blogging again. It was a long year. For me, this is right up there with getting the E Street radio channel on Sirius.


I did miss Tater Tot Fridays! Glad to see that they're back in full force! :)


Cheers Bean! The Tot is back.


Sigh. My day is now complete.


So funny!! I was going to ask about Ham Sandwich, too!! Every time I hear the words, I think of Bean's pig ... I've only heard of him, and never really seen him! Would love a pic! Thanks for the smiles almost every day! I am so enjoying the blog! It warms my heart!


A Milagro blanket? That lucky bitch Tater Tot has everything!

(And by "bitch," I mean "female dog". Really! I'd never cast aspersions on sweet Tot!)


This is a fantastic blog! I am so glad to have stumbled upon it!

Keep up the good work!

Johnny Socko

For about a week before this blog was "publicly announced", I was thinking a lot about its previous incarnation, and wishing you were still blogging. And lo! - it came to pass.

I had to shut down my own music-related blog this year, and I miss the process. But what I've really wanted to do is blog about random facts that I find terribly interesting. Now that you're back in business, I don't have to!

-- Johnny Socko (commenter "Arhythmius" from your former blog)


For a whole year I lived without Tater Tot Fridays. Thank you Bean! Seeing the Tot always brings a smile to my face.


I love that Milagro's coat is providing comfort and joy to Tater Tot. Thanks for bringing back the best Bean tradition ever, Tater Tot Fridays!

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