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November 11, 2007


Tiffiny Kaye Whitney

Those are some awesome paintings, Bean. Do you really have enough room in your home to display them all? I especially like the first two by Brian Despain.



I really liked that 3rd photo...it has the 1950's era Martians are invading kind of look to it.

Second picture is also pretty cool as it looks like there is a dead crow left of the murder of crows thats flying above


After seeing some of the different pieces of art you own, I have to wonder what the experience is to see the entire interior of your home. Is every space on every wall taken up? Cool pieces of art. Good for you for supporting regional artists.


Oh wow! Those are some really neat paintings. The first two reminds me of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Vic Rattler

I love the detail of the strings in the first painting.


The Despain paintings are WOW!. I love the use of lighting and shadow. Thanks for sharing those.


Can we get more gratuitous cheerleader photos? Don't get me wrong, the art is awesome but I prefer the cheerleaders! Enjoying the Blog, keep it coming.


Kristin at Roq La Rue is great and so helpful. The gallery is awesome. She helped me out with a Stella Im Hultberg print.


The Despain pieces remind me of the art work for Pete Townshends A Friend Is A Friend. There was a video or short movie or rockopera or something.


Those are some narly paintings. Totally digging the robots.

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