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November 23, 2007



Double the fun! Tater Tot and Chunk!

p.s. how are Santa's Little Helper and Atomic?


How do you manage to get Tater to pose so well...my burbank hates to pose!


It's cute overload today!

me! =)

wow.....You must have had some kind of feeling that we (ok, I) REALLY needed a good "pick me up" today!!! Yesterday wasn't the best (ok, it was HORRIBLE!!!!) but seriously, seeing not only the most beautiful dog (tater tot) and then an added bonus of chuck helped put the first smile on my face since yesterday.....You may not think it's much but seriously, this may have made my day......

Thanks Bean! And please, give "the baby" a 1000 kisses for me!

me =..}


I'm jealous of all the cuteness that surrounds you!!! thank you for sharing..


Tater Tot friday is a guilty pleasure, kind
of like pumpkin ice cream, only the Tot is better. That's year-round!


chunk looks frankly worried... what a sweetheart!

Vic Rattler

I'm not saying you're wrong Bean, but your logic is severely flawed. That C doesn't follow from your A & B.

Tiffiny Kaye Whitney

Adorable, as always. Chunk is cute too!!!


Yay, Tater! Bulldogs are so cute.


If only I had premises on my LSAT that had to do with Tater Tot, then I would be getting a perfect score! The logic is off...if A then B, and if C then B, doesn't quite follow in the logical pattern.

Maybe - If Tater Tot is a bulldog and all bulldogs are cute, then Tator Tot is cute. :)

Let's hope I get a couple of Tater Tot passages on my LSAT on Saturday! My test would be a lot more enjoyable.

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