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November 05, 2007



Just google "Topo Gigio". I'm just sayin.


I am so glad that you are back & bloggin! Now I can sleep easier at night :0) Love you Bean!


I believe he's also had his eyelashes removed.


Bean, I find your thoughts very insightful and significant, Unlike others. Thankyou for coming back. :)


Do you think when he went in for his consult for cheek implants he was like, "Give me the Jennifer Garner special?" Seriously, those are the prettiest girl cheeks I've ever seen.


its been oh so long! now i can yet again procrastinate with your delightful musings!

Tiffiny Whitney

I agree with a previous comment...I believe his eyelashes are gone. Manilow is kind of looking...ugg...not his age? And that's not a compliment...



I have got to agree with you... that is not the barry i remember from long ago.

glad to see you are back - are you bringing back tater fridays?


how do you come up with such interesting posts at 4 in the morning. you are a geyser of entertainment Bean!

Vic Rattler

Bean, dump Grey's Anatomy, I haven't seen one this season and I don't miss it. They're done.


Give Dexter a try, and get the TIVO ready for the Wire, debuting its final season on January 8.


Good god man! What in the name of all that's holy are you doing bothering with Barry Manilo???? I understand it's Bean's Blog, but shouldn't you be busy haunting nearby 7-11's and post offices instead?


Is it just me or does he look like Norman Fell (Mr. Roper from Three's Company)...


Is it me, or does he look like Rod Stewart? Now that's really scary.


Ahh, I was wondering if you watched Mad Men, Bean. I thought it was the best show of 2007. I totally dug it.

Welcome back to the blogosphere.


Bean, I'm really glad to hear that you watch Real Time with Bill Maher like I do. None of the people I know watch it. I really like the show because it gives me a different perspective on the weekly news. Plus Bill Maher is a treat to watch. I know how you like to watch a lot of television, so the fact that you mentioned that show must mean you like it a lot. Props to you!


I second the motion to get you watching Dexter. But, you must see the first season first.

p.s. Is that Clay Aiken?


I'm so glad y'all were chatting about this earlier today! I had NO IDEA you were such a great writer! I take back every nasty thing I ever said about you! You, in fact, rock! Thank you for caring about the important things ... like grammar and syntax! I'll bet you had something to say about when the 21st century REALLY began, too! Thanks so much!


bean......welcome back!!!! i know that you love all things manilow-so here it is....spend valentines day 2008 with donna @staples center seeing barry manilow. tickets on sale very very soon. just a friendly heads up bean. peace out.


I'm so glad I found someone who watched Friday Night Lights. I live in Texas and thinking that Friday Night Lights is about football I assumed everyone here would love the show. I guess I was wrong. Texas people think the show sucks. I think they suck. Friday Night Lights Rocks !!!!


Just realized you had started blogging again, so I'm catching up.

You watch "Grey's Anatomy" and not "Pushing Daisies"? What gives, Bean?

What can I say to get you interested in this awesome show? Oh, I know!

Lots of Cleavage!

Also "Friday Night Lights" rocks!

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