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November 07, 2007


Vic Rattler


That is a close up photo of a black and white photo, the flash is even visible.
Shut up Steve.

Greg Franklin

Nice... I picture of a picture.

You didn't get a print because it's garbage.


No, no Vic. I'm pretty sure all images of ghosts appear with a date stamp in the corner.


As much as I would really, really like to believe, I think Vic is probably right.


Bean: Didn't you notice that everyone in the photo is wearing late 50s early 60s fashions. Vic's right, it's a photo of a photo.


when cows fall out of the sky-isnt that one signs of the apocalyse???

Falling Cow Hits Car
A couple luckily escaped injury when a 600-lb. cow fell 200 feet off a cliff and landed on the hood of their minivan. . "It was 'bam'- you just saw something come down and hit the hood,"

Monica W.

I wish it was ghosts...but alas...Steve took a picture of a picture. He tried to trick you!
that stinker.


Bean, this is a picture of a picture. Come on man you know this!

Jim from Columbus

I am all spooked out! What is she doing in 7A??? Is that the aftermath of a beat-down?

Oh, you guys are looking at the b&w one.



The shadows are all wrong! I don't know, still good entertainment.


And just who are those ghostly women his dad is hanging out with? He seems to be enjoying the "after life".

Tiffiny Kaye Whitney

I looked at that too and thought it looked weird at first...but the "ghost" looks like the woman it's sitting next to. At least that's what I think...



The only thing that could be better than that
is to have a U.F.O. in the background.



P.S. Hey Bean! I'm so glad you're back. My heart broke a little when you stopped your last blog :(

Steve Troast

Bean ,

Wow .... tough crowd ! I've given the photo and negatives to my camera shop , and will let you know what his thoughts are . A few notes though .... there is no negative # 26A in the pack - just blank film after 25A - so the 'photo of a photo' theory is wrong ( the machines are automated - film gets fed in , and out come prints ) . There's no intent to fool anybody - I've had this since 1997 , and you're the first one outside of my family that I've shared the photo with . As I had previously mentioned , I hoped it wasn't a bored photo developer f___ing with it , but to me and my family it's an unexplained oddity , with an interesting story .... I'd be happy to send this photo to you .

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