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November 27, 2007


Emily Alexis

Yeah! Three of my favorite things...Bean, Bean's blog, and Christmas music! What a great combo!


I was just thinking to myself, "You know what Bean needs? Another blog." And low and behold, here it is. It's like you read my mind. Don't forget to include Esquivel.

Jeff Smick


Vic Rattler

I'm sorry did you just drop Jars of Clay on us? Really?


Ho Ho Ho, Bean!


you had better have some dick cheese on your x-mas music list....i am just saying...
and make this a barry lite x-mas.


Damn Bizzle, you're just as bad as my sister. I have to listen to Kenny G's christmas cd because of her. Please don't tell me you like that one?!


I am a huge Christmas music enthusiast. Thanks for the tips on your favorite new Christmas albums. I really love Over the Rhine so I am excited about checking out their new effort. Keep up the great work!

Tiffiny Whitney

You know Bean...I don't know if I really needed that site, but at least it's interesting. I enjoyed the swing one. :) BTW--if you're going to put f'ing Chris Issak up there...so Josh Groban some love. Really. "Noel" is a fantastic Christmas album. His version of "O Holy Night" (found on his "Josh Groban: In Concert" CD), is PHENOMENAL. I'd also suggest "Little Drumemr Boy" on the CD, even though there are stupid bagpipes in it.

Seriously...the album is great. I recommend it so much, I'd even send you the CD so you wouldn't even have to pay for it.



Yay! Bean's blog is back! Clyde Tombaugh is still alive! Okay so I feel like I'm the last one to know and I have some catching up to do reading-wise. Thanks for the Christmas songs! Rochelle

Kings Fan

Yeah, so I hate me the Christmas music. I think I started hating it when I saw that corporations were airing commercials that incorporated their own words into the traditional songs. I refuse to listen to Christmas music - and if it makes me part of the minority, I can live with that.

Cathy G.

OMG - I love you Bean!! People call me crazy for my Christmas music playlist on my iPod. I am so excited for your new blog and for the Christmas music... Do put up the Josh Grobin "o holy night" it is amazing, and maybe some Ella Fitzgerald (i'm just sayin'....)

thanks for making my day!!!


The Chirstmas blog is fun! I'm sure I'll enjoy it year round! :)


I know it's an old one ... but you still gotta love the Waitresses' Christmas Wrapping! I first heard it on the alternative station in college (GO WVU!) and I've loved it ever since! The holidays can't start without the traditional ceremonial playing of it for the whole family! "Sing it if ya know it!!" :)
Thanks for the Christmas love, Bean!


I love Christmas music! I used to drive my mom nuts with wanting to play Christmas records prior to Thanksgiving. I heard a great Christmas song today--Glow Worm/It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas by Rockapella. Now I'm on the hunt for that cd.


Thanks for the reminder Bean. Just put the Christmas music back on my iPod while adding the latest Podcast from my favorite radio station (I'm just saying). Was going to wait until December 1st but you have put me in the Christmas music mood a few days earlier. I enjoy having Christmas music peppered in with my other music.


Bean, has anybody ever told you that you're kind of a weird guy?

Eric Cwiertny


you scored some additional bonus points by calling out Raul Malo!!! One of my favs. His solo stuff and work with the Mavericks is some of the best music ever made.

Kudos to you for giving him some props!



The greatest Christmas song ever is Chris Cornell's version of Ave Maria from one of the Very Special Christmas CDs (I can't remember which number). It is epic.

Harry Connick, Jr., has a terrific Christmas CD, too. It's probably 10-15 years old, but I can listen to it any time of year.

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