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November 02, 2007


Frank Murphy

How did you get the General's signature? Is it on a copy of his book or something else?


I wish I knew how to quit you.


relax Enola Gay apologists, as I peer out of my Coca-cola machine burka, Mr. Tibbets photo
displays a quiet dignity on my Sony flat screen


Good thing HS Truman went ahead and dropped the bomb.
Could you imagine everyone here being forced to drive Japanese cars?
Or forced to buy Japanese electronics and other household goods?
Good lord that would be scary!!
Glad things turned out the way they did.

I think Gen. Tibbets quote of saying he sleeps very well at night nails his personality on the head. Turns out he had quite a career post-63terajoules. He is one of the interesting "nameless" people in WWII history.
So it goes- as another not-so-nameless WWII person would say.


I remember watching Gen. tibbets on the History channel for the atom bomb episode of Modern Marvels. He said that he was happy that his name was gonna go down in history. Whether it was going to be positive or negative, he did not know.


My Grandpa was in WWII and he always tells me stories of Hiroshima..he was actually a prison guard in the Phillipines..

Glad your blog is back


Gen. Paul Tibbets is and was an American hero. He flew his mission. He did his job, and he didn't cry about it. BTW, the atom bomb raids killed fewer people than the firebomb raids. It doesn't matter if you are killed by one bomb or a rain of them, you're dead. I wish we still knew how to prosecute a war. Now, we spend all of our time worrying about world opinion. Back then, we killed people to win, no remorse. Now, we have Marines in Iraq who patrol deadly streets under rules of engagement that don't give them as much right to defend themselves as we give police in America. Unless we toughen up, we'll all be reciting the Koran by 2050.


I have a mahogany replica of the Enola Gay signed (apparently) by Tibbets.

Erick V.

I am glad to see you blogging again. Your thoughts always stimulated my day. But hey don't carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. If you miss a day... who cares? You were gone a whole year and the internet did not dissappear.
Thank you for coming back!

Monica W.

I just want to say I'm excited you are back and blogging. I dont care what anyone said, I always looked forward to reading your blogs. I always learned something new. I hope you keep it going strong!

Tiffiny Whitney

I'm very torn on the bomb. We were told in my high school history class that Japan was close to surrendering anyway (they were strategically defeated by late July 1945), which makes me wonder how necessary the bomb and the deaths of thousands of people were.

Still, I agree with you that it's sad that Tibbets is gone. I have an immense amount of respect for war heroes. People who risk their lives to preserve the idea of America is an incredible thing to me. I don't look down on the people...but I do kind of wonder how many of our men risk themselves needlessly.

It's awesome you have his autograph.



Hey Bean, I love the blog, but I'd like a little more Bean and a little less articles I can find on other websites. know what i mean?

me! =)

What? No Tater Tot? =(

In all seriousness though, great post....

me =)

ps- How about tomorrow a pic of Tater Tot??? It has been a year and I need some new pics of her!


Glad your back, Thank You!


As a JA, I'm rather torn about this.

All I can say about him is that he did his job well. I still hold that war should be the absolute last resort. Not that it was his choice to wage war against the Axis.

If you ever get a chance to visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, I highly recommend it. It's a beautiful city with great food and is very very peaceful.

Not trying to start a flame war here.
I'm jus' sayin'.



You may never see this, but it needs to be said: Most high school and even college history professors don't know anything about this topic. They just parrot the talking points. Fact: The battle of Okinawa killed 300,000 civilians and lasted three months. Fact: The biggest tank and artillery battle of World War II—Kursk, Russia—killed 1 million civilians. Fact: The Allied forces planned a two-prong invasion of Japan: Olympic—the invasion of Kyushu, and Coronet: the invasion of Honshu (Tokyo). The death toll on both sides would have made the two A-Bombs look like cap pistols. BTW, Gen. Marshall wanted seven A-bombs to soften up the defenses for the invasion of Kyushu. Also, the largest tank battle in history would have been fought on the plains near Tokyo. Final Fact: The day of the Nagasaki bombing, the Japanese cabinet met to discuss whether to continue fighting. The hawks won the argument. Japan was defeated in August 1945. That's true. But it wasn't done fighting. It took the Emperor himself to tell his army to stand down. It was the first time that that generation of Japanese ever heard the emperor's voice. The effect has been compared to if Jesus Christ spoke directly to the American people. I have lived in Japan. I love the Japanese people. But if it wasn't for the atom bomb, Japan would have been destroyed.

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