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November 28, 2007



I'm in a profession where I help others...some reason im not super happy still..maybe the drive...maybe because id rather be in the music industry...dunno


Being clergy myself I will say that not only am I happy, I am satisfied. Go God!!


I would bet that 11 and 12 on the unhappy list would be people who work at the DMV and the IRS in that order. Those people never seem very happy to me.


As a former #6 on the least happy list I had to laugh. Thanks for sharing.

brother john

I know the amount of nuns worldwide is decreasing but I think there are still some around. Almost all of them are women. Perhaps the vow of silence mitigates the estrogen factor.


I find the bottom ten highly entertaining in the fact that I worked at the "Happiest Place on Earth" for four years. Good to know that it is a happy place for everyone except the people that work there.


what about dentists? don't they have the highest rate of suicide??

Tiffiny Whitney

Be careful with your "women" comment, Bean. Keep in mind, maybe it's because both of those professions have a high degree of exposure (and close exposure) to other men.... Maybe they're so satisfied because they're "satisfied," if you know what I mean.

I'm just saying...


Ms. Inkymae

Hey...where are the teachers?!?!


Interesting in the unhappy bottom 10. I am number 1, and I don't consider myself so unhappy...


Damnit! I KNEW I should have become an architect.


Bean, I'm outraged by this post.

In fact, I'm so upset that I will now go eat a 5 lb. chocolate bar and rush to the ladies room where I will sob uncontrollably whereupon my male co-workers will have to cover my desk for me indefinitely.


I want to know how many butlers there are in the US that they would even make the top 10!!!


Apparently people in certain occupations where not considered. I mean the dope man and 50 Cent are definitely in the top 10 right?


I didn't see my job - Human Resources Manager - in the bottom 10. (I certainly didn't expect to see it in the top 10) I can't tell you how many times people have told me: "I don't see how you can do that job".

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