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November 16, 2007



Once again a great moment. Mrs. Baxter? Is
everything o.k. at home? Are you kids alright?


The foliage is spectacular, Donna is lovely, and Tater is huggable . . . all is right in the world!


Ah, Tater Tot Friday, best day of the week!
Thanks Bean for bringin it back... she's so adorable, and Donna looks lovely as ever!
Have a good weekend!


What a lovely family you've got there, Bean.

michelle k

so sweet!


Your wife is gorgeous! Tater's cute!


Well, the tree's in focus anyway. :-)

Tiffiny Whitney

You know, Bean, I'd never seen Donna before. Good choice! She is quite lovely! :) And Tater...my goodness! How much more adorable can you get? GEEZ!

Thank you for brining back Tater Tot Fridays. Honestly, as my page was loading I was thinking to myself, "I hope he put up a picture of Tater Tot!" Low and behold...you did! I'm happy. :)



That really is a great picture :)

Jim from Columbus

Thanks for the picture of Donna, Bean. She is beautiful. Oh yeah, thanks for Tater Tot too.

Cathy G.

absolutely beautiful...


Wow, what a great picture Bean! I can't even see the shackles on Donna's leg...certainly you couldn't land such a lovely lady.

me! =)

One of the first things I thought of when I woke up this morning was "It's Tater Tot FRIDAY!!!" I'm so jealous.......Look it how beautiful lil' baby Tater Tot is......You're a lucky guy.....

Have a good one & take care,

me =)


Tater looks like an awfully happy dog! And why not? I bet she's completely spoiled!


nice of you to let donna out of the barn bean for her weekly recreation/bonding with the animals.


i know you're into photography, but are u using a disposable camera here? or maybe it's a bad scanner? iphone maybe?

i remember someone making fun of you for taking random pictures of random things (cracks in a wall or sidewalk, little kids in elevators, etc). it'd be nice if you shared some of that with us =)

Rock on Bean!


Tater Tot make the day brighter! :)


holy fried potato lumps, mrs. baxtor is a certifiable babe!

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