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November 22, 2007



Goo..............d mornin'. Thank you dear lord for this bounty of beauty you have bestowed upon us. I would also like to thank you for Bean who you have used as your messenger to deliver this divine* creation.

*Miss Panetierre is believed to be free from
any carcinogens.

And to all Happy Thanksgiving

Emily Alexis

Yes, Hayden looks good in her underwears...but can she write a Strongly Worded Letter? I'm thankful for Bean!

Frank Murphy

Happy Thanksgiving Bean! Just thought of you a few minutes ago as NBC showed the Hello Kitty balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I'm looking forward to getting out to Seattle before too much longer.


Happy Thanksgiving Sir!

I was watching Joe Somebody last night and little Hayden Panettiere is on that movie...she sure didn't look like the GQ shoot


Well, those photos are a tad creepy, but . . . Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving, Bean, to you, Donna, Tater Tot and the rest of your menagerie.

Vic Rattler

Wow, is it Christmas already?!

I was going to get you something great Bean, but my eBay bid got topped...

Tiffiny Kaye Whitney

You know, I think she's pretty...but to look at her in a sexual way feels kind of like pedophilia. I think she looks between 14-16. But then again, I guess that's the point for a lot of men. You're all just a bunch of pervs. LOL! I just can't find her sexy.


your wife

there is something icky about you posting cheesecake photos of a girl several years younger than our own daughter. sigh!


Oh God, I can't stand this bitch! She is sooo annoying.

Quote from Hayden:

“I find it funny to watch people patronize me or think I’m dumb because I’m blonde and young. I know I have a higher IQ than 99% of the brunettes out there. It gives me more of a sense of accomplishment when I achieve things after people have underestimated me.”

Eck! I wish I were a pervy old man so I could just look at her frolicking in her panties and not care that she's annoying. What a different world we live in...how I envy you.


Some are blessed with radio voices, sometimes the Good Lord just goes wild on the canvas of life! Great fotos!


Mmmm...ok, yes...I'll take one of each. Wrap them up and charge them to the Visa!

Happy Holidays


Dude, your wife and Frances bring up great points - a prepubescent looking girl in panties who thinks getting pics of her almost naked self in a magazine is an "achievement" and she's smarter than most brunettes - puh-lease! It does not take smarts to take off your clothes - it takes having low self-esteem and naivety to allow yourself to be objectified like that. And she's in awful shape - her belly is pouching out and she lacks any muscle definition. I'd school her in terms of push-ups, and any real test of intelligence, like the grueling Law School Admissions Test I recently took. I'm disappointed, my dear. At least put up smart, sexy brunettes like Ashley Judd or even Jessica Alba. Heck, I think your wife is more attractive than this poptart Hayden!


umm why do these women post on here "i just can't find her sexy"

ooofff course...you are a woman

Andy, you underestimate and overgeneralize us women folk. I find lots of other women sexy - the aforementioned Ashley Judd, Nicole Kidman, women who are sexy AND substantial. The little girly Hayden is neither of those. She's just another wayward teen trying to make some $$ off her curvy, non-muscular body - I'll pass, thanks. Maybe you are attracted to ditzy, prepubescent girls because you are threatened by REAL WOMEN who have beauty AND brains. Just my opinion, though - and you're certainly entitled to yours, too.


I worked on Ally McBeal when Hayden was on it in the last season. I think she was about 12 then. It's a little creepy to see these photos posted (I echo your wife) but I do appreciate your eye for beauty. Even if it is a little inappropriate.


Christina. So much envy!

Kings Fan

Ding! Yes, please!


and the problem with these pic's is?????


I'm pretty sure she is legal now, so to call someone a perv for liking this is wrong.


Duuuude. I was staring at her boobs the entire time during the last episode of Heroes and they are not that big! That's right, I said it - Hayden Panetierre is FLAT. As for these pics, one word - Photoshop. And seriously, it would be so much better if she didn't talk at all.
I'm jus sayin.


In the imortal words of Aaron Sorkin "If not made by God himself, then someone very high up in the organization."

In other news- You have a daughter?

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