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November 10, 2007



Even though it means displaying my ignorance, I have to admit that I thought this happened many, many moons ago . . . like circa the Titanic. I had no idea it was in 1975!


I trust you're wearing your black arm band today!


This posting comes from "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" citing within Wikipedia:

"Comedian Richard Jeni referenced the song in his standup monologues, insisting that the sad lyrics are useful for getting party guests who have overstayed their welcome to go home."

Nonetheless, I'm with you Bean.


My late Great Grandfather was a marine, his son, my great uncle John, was in the Navy. My other great uncle, Sam, was in the Army. I joined the Army ROTC program my 2nd year of college. People remember when its 4th of July and drink themselves into a stupor - yet, a lot of us forget when its Veteran's Day. 'Peace in the middle' east should not be a cliche saying - it needs to be a reality so we stop losing so many of our young, brave men and women to this dumb ass's holy crusade to spread democracy where we shouldn't even be stepping foot in. RIP to all the servicemen and women who have lost their lives in the battles - God/ess bless their souls.

Vic Rattler

Reading Christina's comment makes me wonder if you'll be bringing us any new pictures of a certain window Bean. That's a feature from the last blog that most deserves a return.

... nothing against the Tot of course.


I saw an interesting piece on the Fitzgerald a while back. I think it was on the History Channel. Such a tragedy. I admire your dedication to remembering the event.


1st of all that explains why my lover (and former marine) kept telling me that Saturday was the anniversary of the Marines....(i kept thinking it had something to do with *his* anniversary date.) Now I know the truth! thanks for enlightening me.

And, yes, you are correct....those that "know" you, knew you'd be posting something about the Edmund Fitzgerald...I have to say that this time around i was slightly more interested than in years past. I probably fell into the catorgory of "Bean likes weird things," as you have been the butt of many a joke now for almost 18 years. In any case, I *am* more interested about the wreck. Maybe because I now live in the Great Lakes Region, the event takes on a different meaning (as two of the men are from my current neighborhood--Lakewood and Rocky River). Or maybe, like the Titanic, it sparks my interest as to how man can build enormous ships that sink. I am amazed that it took place in 1975, I guess i never paid attention to the date before, I just assummed it happened a long time ago, like the Titanic.
Once again, bean, your interest in the bizarre has piqued my curiousity and illuminated a subject matter I would have otherwise ignored.
thank you and keep up the blog!


I think it's so great that you would start a conversation with a random driver about the Edmond Fitzgerald. Typical Bean. I love it!


Did you know that Great Lakes Brewing Co. has a beer called the Edmund Fitzgerald?!?
Now that's a beer you*have* to try!


the greatest of the great lakes took the greatest of the lake's ships.

remember her and the men who went down with her, forever.

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