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November 29, 2007



Bean, face it we're getting old. Pepsi, the
drink of a new generation, and a better kick-back to Southland Corp. I feel a strongly
worded letter coming very soon.

Emily Alexis

Apple soda? Over Cherry Coke? I can't even fathom how anyone possibly approved this. Cherry Coke might disappear altogether if you don't write a strongly worded letter on its behalf. Somewhere Wild Cherry Pepsi is snickering.

brother john

They could have just said "refreshing, tempting apple drink". I guess they know their demographic. present company excluded of course.


I would be pissed too!


Wow, do I feel you brother.

Pepsi is awful. I won't even go into any Pepsi associated restaurants (Taco Bell, Subway, Quiznos, etc...). Coke is the superior product.

By the way, while I don't eat at McDonalds I do stop and get my sodas there everyday. They have the best soda mixture partly because the keep the syrup boxes chilled and don't let the warm syrup mix with the cold ice causing a bad after taste. This, to my knowledge, is the only company that requires this and you can really taste the difference.

Also while on the subject, Diet Coke tastes MUCH better through a straw with a larger diameter. Not sure why but try it, I have verified this with a number of people. Kind of weird, but true.

Please Enjoy!


Bean- I recently moved to Philly (well 2 years now)l. We have Wawa here which blows the doors off 7-11. It is essentially a nicer 7-11 that has a deli in it as well. Plus you input all food orders at a kiosk so little interaction with others if that's what you're looking for. Finally...the ATMs inside have no transaction fees.

If you are ever in the Mid-Atlantic area check one out. It is so popular at our house that Wawa is one of my daughters first words and she has recognized the sign as we drive up since she was 18 months. Gotta have a Wawa!


Do I sense a strongly worded letter in the future?
A real one this time.
Not like the previous weak sauce attempts.
I'm just sayin'...


Your Bea Arthur v. Beyonnce argument has no merit based on your previously stated devotion to the Golden Girls...ding!

Johnny Socko

Ehhhxcellent! Pepsi is finally poised for world domination, and will soon weed-out those genetically deficient people who inexplicably prefer Coca-Cola...

I do agree that the only way to make Coke even remotely palatable is to overwhelm it with cherry or vanilla flavoring.

Really though, it's Dr. Pepper for the win.

Tiffiny Whitney


I think I love you more everyday. Your intelligence astounds me. You know one of the most profound truths of the universe...Coke is WAY better than Pepsi. I'm actually not a fan of either sugared soda, but I am addicted to Diet Coke. Like another person who commented, I'll actually AVOID restaurants that serve Pepsi products.

I'm with everyone else...another strongly worded letter is in order! I think you should start a petition, too. I'll sign it too!



I would admit that Pepsi goes down smoother than a Coke, but I would rather go for a diet Coke if possible. Although regular Coke does taste supremely good with Mexican food, its really depending on peoples' opinions i guess.

Diet Coke and Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper always beats other useless fatty drinks!

Big Gulp for the win!


i wouldn't allow a dog to drink a pepsi product... tastes like sweetened benzene to me... bleh...

Cathy G.

What is the pacific northwest coming to??? Who drinks floor cleaner sweetened with cr@p anyway??? This is a crisis that deserves some kind of Soda Watch '07.... Where is Paul Moyer when you really need him?

I will write that strongly worded letter for you!

Long Live COKE....


I hate Pepsi, but love Manzanita....it's actually pretty good (consider it the poor man's Martinelli's sparkling cider). Before I gave up soda, I used to drink it all the time when I went down to Baja.

Couldn't they have replaced Mountain Dew - which looks and tastes like pee - with Manzanita?

Who knew you could have Pepsi and Coke products on the same soda fountain?!

Kings Fan

I also avoid all establishments that serve Gutter Swill - or what you call Pepsi. Diet Coke is the drink of choice in my house and it should be in yours, too. Bean, we need to work to get Diet Coke w/Lemon back in the rotation. Still heartbroken that it is no longer made. I even ask for lemon whenever I order my Diet Coke - but it's just not the same.

Vic Rattler

Pepsi is by far the superior beverage.

If this anger of yours doesn't result in a SWL you might as well just shut this site down and go play with your Christmas music.

Notorious B.R.O.


Coming from a whitey like myself I can see where you're coming from. However, if you ever try Manzanita Sol I think you'll agree that it is much closer to the Nectar of the Gods than the Devil's Pee. Seriously, this stuff is awesome. Cherry Coke will always hold a special place in my heart and I agree that it should not have been so unceremoniously dismissed. Maybe Diet Pepsi (Demon's Pee?) should have been replaced. That would make everyone happy (except pee lovers).




It looks like we're going to have to agree to disagree here. I like Pepsi products, you like coke. I live in the city, you live in the middle of nowhere. I am attracted to women, while, you, are attracted to everything else.



We have the same issues at 7-11s here in So Cal....there are several "cultural" beverages available that you might not see in other parts of the country, such as Horchata (a sugary rice-based beverage). As for the Coke -vs- Pepsi debate......well ick to them both, give me Mt. Dew!!!



How on earth can you not like Pepsi!? It's got no nasty after taste like coke, and it doesn't have that over powering sweetness that gives you a headache! I'm sorry to say you fail at life. To the rest of you Pepsi haters, I hope you all suffer the pleasure of catching syphillus from a 85 yr old over priced prostitute, claiming to be a woman but having genitals bigger than Barbara Strisands!


Bean, you are so right on every level!Coke is far superior than Pepsi! McDonalds has the best tasting coke too! Just FYI

Fred G

I feel for you Bean, but I see they still have the Dr. Pepper!


Pepsi = weasel piss.
Diet coke = nectar of the gods.

I am so happy to find that I am not the only one in the world who will go to Mc Donalds specifically to order my diet coke and nothing else. I wouldn't eat Mc Donalds food if you paid me. Even the fries are gross.

Diet coke rules!


did somebody order mexican...apple soda?


I think you got it wrong isn't it Beyonce to Bea Arthur?


Hey! I'm still pissed that Sprite (an inferior Coca-Cola product) surpassed 7-Up in soda machines everywhere about 25 years ago.


Refresco de Manzana Cae la tentacion got my curiosity so I translated it on free translation.com and got "soft drink of apple the tentacion falls." Still curious I asked someone who I work with who speaks spanish and tentacion is temptation. So I guess it means that you will fall for this tempting apple soft drink. Anyone out there who speaks spanish and can confirm this? You really do learn something everyday.

An Angry


Do the world a favor...

Instead of a shower tomorrow, take a nice, long, hot bath...

With the toaster...

Plugged in.


I like the Manzanita Sol. It's like an apple flavored jolly rancher in liquid form. At least it is in the can. I'll have to see if my local 7-11 has switched over & try it. Thanks Bean!


as long as they don't switch out the banana slurpees in my local 7-11 no blood shall be shed


WHAAAAT!? Pepsi is WAYYYY Better than Coke!


Japan update:
7-11 does not have fountain drinks (BLOS) and Pepsi is more popular however, most people drink tea. Not that cool looking Arizona crap but freakin brown colored stuff in a bottled labeled ASAHI so the new foreigners think its a beer.

You thought you had problems.


Bean, you're so right on target. I've always referred to Pepsi as tasting like ass, but you're right - it's Devil's pee. Last time I went to the Staples Center (which serves only Pepsi all over) I had to smuggle in a Diet Coke. What's the world coming to?

I'll betchya "Refresco de Manzana Cae la tentacion" says "Apple Soda Fall into the Temptation" just like it says in English on the left side of the sign. See it there? Right there? Smaller yet visible?

And why the heck do I have to press ANY BUTTON on my phone for English? Shouldn't it be automatic in this country? For crikey sake.

I don't drink any of that corn syrupy or chemical sweetened magnesium-robbing swill any more. If I'm going to rot my teeth,it's gotta be pure cane sugar.


Bean, you are missing out on the best drink ever!!!! The stuff in Mexico is way better, but Manzanita Sol is GREAT!!! Give it a chance and see what happens....


I was beat to it, but I wanted to throw it out there that the translation is right there on the freaking picture of the sign you provided.

Also, I pity the fools who mistake the chemical burn of Coca-Cola as "flavor". Pepsi currently does and always will rule the dark soda market.


I'm still waiting for someone, anyone, to carry RC Cola.


OK,I am giving it a try. Being a Diet Pepsi fan, I bought a bottle of Diet Coke this weekend to see what all the hoopla is about. Can't wait to find out the results!


Bean!!! You freakin homo!!! I got a Big Gulp for you ... you know what I mean??? you know what I mean???


I agree with you.

The worst thing to hear at a restaurant when you order a Coke is your waitress say, "Is Pepsi okay?" Sure you don't want to be rude, it's not her fault, but No it really isn't. Actually it's worse if they just bring you Pepsi as if that's what you ordered.

My cousin in Quebec told me they don't get Cherry Coke up there anymore at all so at least you can still get it in the bottle at 7-11. I actually prefer it that way because places that sell fountain drinks never mix them right.

Kevin Ryder

I think I am going to start posting.


you HATE pepsi?!?! and LOVE coka cola?!?! HEY BEAN! PEPSI AND COKE ARE THE SAME DAMN THING!!!!


How interesting that you referenced dirt, while making a point about Pepsi. I've always maintained that Pepsi tastes like sand. Or it leaves a weird, sandy after-taste...I'm not sure which. I don't eat a lot of sand or anything mind you, but everybody has had a beach mishap or two.
Anyhow, Pepsi really is the devil's seed, and Bean rules. :D

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