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November 04, 2007


josh T

Awesome, an actual strongly worded letter, nicely done. Too bad you'll probably be sending out the same letter come march 9th 08

Vic Rattler

Lucy got you again Beans. The doctor will be back in next April.


Hahaha, that's awesome. Thanks to you, I've stopped saying "Daylight Savings" and actually cringe when I hear it said that way. Thank you Bean for showing me the light :)

Where is the strongly worded part?
I think you are being too polite.


Hi Bean!
I just moved to Oly from Los Angeles about a week ago...is this what I am to expect from this state...seriously!?!

Tiffiny Whitney

I was always too lazy to know this. It's interesting to know! I'll have to upset my family the next time someone says "savings time" and I have to correct them.



Keep on fighting the good fight


Yahoo had "savings" on their front page Friday afternoon. Even a search engine can't run a simple check. This is as bad as the media saying the "sierras" Glad the blog is back Bean!


Hal Fishman would be proud of you.


My Dearest Bean,
I have a similar pet peeve. It occurs when the idiot at the check stand says "That'll be one hundred and two dollars." The word "and" connotes a decimal place so the total would technically read "$100.2" Why oh why can people not remember 5th grade math? Imbeciles!


I have the same problem. My weekend ends up being catchup on the TIVO. But I couldn't live without it. Did you see the TIVO episode of "Curb Your Enthusiam?" Thanks for coming back with your blog. I missed it.


I notice that Daylight Saving Time is 35 weeks long, where Standard Time is only 17 weeks long. Wouldn't this make Daylight Saving Time the more standard time of the two? Then Standard Time would be Daylight Un-saving Time. Just wondering...

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