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November 06, 2007



I had my first bee sting this year - man, that hurts like a mother . . . the number of bees is rapidly declining - a decline that would have a devastating effect on agriculture in this country and world wide. Save the Bees!

Vic Rattler

I've been terrified of bees my whole life, their amazing savant-like learning ability only further frightens me. Death to bees!

The big thing is brain size doesn't matter.
Take Children vs Adults.
The human brain reaches maximum size ~at age 15 (1.315kg on average).
Now how many children do you know have a full time job and kids??
Case closed-children are way smarter
I'm just sayin'

michelle k

..and i get lost going to the grocery store.

Steve S

More bee movie trivia...special thanks to the makers of The Transformers movie for bumble-bee's rear view mirror decoration with the word BEE-OTCH on it...my 7 year old found it last night while watching the DVD...look Dad...the "B" word...

Emily Alexis

I just discovered that you started your blog again. This is the best news EVER.

Keith Brady


I had just purchased this book, and thought about how much you might enjoy it.

At the same time I purchased
The Dangerous Book For Boys and
The Intellectual Devotional
they look to be in the same vein.



Thanks Bean, I'm a teacher... todays blog is tomorrows solar system lesson!


I have always thought that bees were the spawn of satan and i hate them...but they do have a purpose on earth...i think its amazing how the workers protect the queen


I can always count on learning something when reading your posts. Even if I never use the info, it's still very interesting. Thanks Bean.

Karl Nickenig

A Blog that combines Factual information and entertainment? Simply amazing. Keep up the good work! :D


Sounds like bees wax to me!

Tom Greene

While on the topic on interesting facts about bees, in recent years entire colonies of honey bees have been mysteriously disappearing. Check out Colony Collapse Disorder. This can have huge impacts and can effect the quality and price for the food we eat.

Tiffiny Kaye Whitney

That is rather amazing. It's amazing how tiny they are in comparison to us...and how much we as a species have accomplished. Yet, these teeny creatures have a bleepin' built-in map of the earth and the sun's position at all times, so that they can locate nectar. That's freakin' amazing!



Thank God you are back Bean. You seriously rock my world with your blogs!! It's been a sad year without you!! Don't ever leave me again!!


Hi bean!

After reading this article, i remembered a clip i watched a while back and thought you'd be interested. Its the hornets vs bees. Very interesting.


keep up the blogging!


Bean, Thank you for sharing, I learned something new today.
I love your blog and find it very interesting! Keep it up

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