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November 01, 2007



YES! Welcome back. =)


Yesss! Thank you Bean! I enjoyed your original blog and I'm happy you are back! You wrote about lots of really interesting and funny things and I look forward to reading about it again.
Welcome back!

Steve in Sacramento

Tiffiny Whitney

YES!!!!! :) I'm SO happy to see it back, Bean! Thank you. You have made my day at work so much happier...



Welcome back, I missed you! I've tried to replace you with Ken Levine but it just wasn't the same.

Don't let the Chuckleheads get you down.


Welcome back sir, great to see you have already used the term "comedy gold" in the blog.....understatement of the year my friend.


Hey, I am stoked that you are blogging again. I look forward to keeping up with Bean.


Glad to have you back!! I really enjoyed the old blog. Can't wait to read about all that interests you.

Vic Rattler

Would've been great if he had said something like, I don't know. a month ago?

Welcome back.

michelle k

yay again! i can't wait to see photos you've made! welcome back :)


Welcome Back Bean!
I'm SUPER EXCITED that you're back!

Liz from Cypress

Score Beans!!.....and not in the sexual way.
So glad to see Tater Tot again, and all the awesome photo's. Thank you


Welcome back! I look forward to seeing your great photos (hopefully some of the beautiful state of WA). In regards to the spelling of your name, my name is Gina and anytime I give it out over the phone people automatically spell it with a J.

Keep up the good work!


Let me know when you decide to put the Blog on a downloadable podcast. All this reading makes me tired.


Oh yeah!!!! It's back. Mothers lock up your daughters!


you know how people say "I just died a little inside" when something horrible happens, well this is like the exact opposite of that! Welcome back Bean!


Thank the lord. I can't wait to catch up on the Genius that is Bean.


I have been lost without my uncensored daily dose of what goes on in your head. Glad you're back to blogging Bean!!!!


Welcome back, Bean. I have missed your posts over the last year and your wonderful pictures. And really where else am I going to find "Godspeed, penguins"??
I can actually start looking forward to my mornings again.


not sure why i find your blog interesting. but it is. the thought a day format is a nicer read than your last blog.

please more anti-dane cook posts. simpatico!

see you tomorrow.


I'm so glad you brought the blog back! I was re-reading the old postings until they were taken down. . . Now my life is complete again.


Welcome back, Bean. I've missed your blog and am awaiting your new postings and pictures.
I can actually start looking foward to my mornings again!! I mean where else am I going to find a gem like "Godspeed, penguins"??

me! =)

This is the best.thing.EVER!!!!! I don't know how I am going to contain myself.......All I can think about and hope for is the return of TTFs!!! (Tater Tot Fridays)

Thanks Bean! You're seriously the BEST!!!


me =)

Kristin Lee

sweet. you just gave me something better to do than pay attention to this poli sci lecture.
welcome back.

Fred G

Glad to see you blogging again you big dummy!


Thank you for coming back.


Thanks Bean..welcome back..you've make my day;)


OMG!!! I am sooo happy!!! Thank you for blogging again!!! Your blog has truly been missed. Try and remember, you do not have to blog every day if you don't want to. We don't want you burnt out again. I missed most that you were not blogging when you went to Italy! I knew we would get many great blogs from you. Congratulations on Jury duty! and please bring back Tate Tot Fridays!!!! You have made my day!!!


Yay! You complete me...

-The Lazy Stalker


Glad you're back. Looking forward to reading your posts. I promise to adhere to your comments rules. While you were gone I awarded you the Blogger Reflection Award. congrats!


Paul Lee


You must post your photos. If you run short of time to do a lengthy post, throw up a photo or two. I miss the photos. You have a great eye for composition. ( Must be the eye without the tube in it)



Bean! I'm so glad you've return to the blogging world!


And if anyone skipped over the Frank Murphy link you should check it out. http://www.frankmurphy.com/2007/11/you-better-believe-its-big.html


glad to read you again. I think we're on the same page with Daylight Saving Time. did you know that it's called your Driver License (not DRIVERS LICENSE)? also that the La Brea Tar Pits translated to English means The The Tar Tar Pits? what the heck is wrong with these people anyway??

rock on with your bad self!!!


Here's hoping you renew your old feature... photos of that darling girl, Tater Tot. :)


Thank you so much for blogging again. I've missed it, and also the photos of Tater Tot! I look forward to continued reading.


Glad to see you back in the blogosphere again. I look forward to more Tater Tot Fridays.


I'm so glad you are back! I really loved your last blog and I just stumbled upon your new one today. I love the interesting facts you post. Have you heard of the magazine Mental Floss? It's a mag and website that has tons of interesing information that would be right up your alley.

I'm looking forward to all the fun stuff to read. Will we be getting our weekly pic of tater tot too??


Yay! Welcome back! Love the domain name.

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