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December 04, 2007



Kevin....God dammit. Are you kidding me with this?


I have been an avid reader of this blog since the preceding one.

The whimsicalness of this post seems to be quite different then any other post, and seems to really have some legs to it. I could realistically see this post forwarded in e-mails under the heading of "What is the best letter in the world?" (I, for one do not advocate the fwd. of minutia)

Which leads me to question, how long will it be before someone receives this post in a fwd. e-mail, and says "that's something Bean would find interesting" and inadvertently ends up fwd. it to the author.

Do let us know if that happens Bean.



brother john

I’m disappointed you didn’t give the credit to “M” the most deserving letter. Without it we wouldn’t have Madness, Mayhem and Murder. W might just be an M that flipped out one day and is still useful in it’s own way.
It’s the strongest of Roman numerals and the world would be a poorer place indeed if it weren’t for m&m’s.


wow... thats all i have to say about this...



Sometimes in life a person is straight-up wrong. For instance: you, today. There's no way Y is the best letter ever, although I'll hand it to you, you make a compelling argument.

I like S. It's ssssexy and seems a bit exotic, but still friendly and obtainable; unlike Q and Z who you can never get, and E who gets around a bit too much. Also it earns you mundo points in Scrabble.

No other letter in the English can change the meaning of an entire sentence so frequently and with with such ease. You gotta give S that.

Tiffiny Kaye Whitney

Call me crazy...but I'm rather partial to "T." Of course, I'm bias...my name starts with a "T."

I do like your argument for "Y." I hadn't even thought about the fact that it's so versatile...being both a consonant and a vowel. Still..."T" takes it for me. :)



Oh, Bean, I'm afraid "the guys" are really going to raz you about this one. Might want to brace for that to happen soon!

As far as Q (q) is concerned, Q is a nice letter but I have problems with the clique factor. You see, you very rarely see "Q" without it's BFF "u" following close behind. Or is "u" just a follower. No you often see u out there standing on it's own.

Just thinking.


I have to say I agree. If you look at it from the cursive standpoint, Q and Z are odd and uncomfortable to write. But Y is fun to write in cursive. You can even make a statement and underline the whole word with the tail of the ending Y.

Thanks for taking up some of my workday.


i like X. well XYZ are my favs actually...


have you been drinking this morning?


there go 5 min of my my life. thanks bean, now I think i am going to take up drinking not realy as a hobbie but more like a profesion

cathy g.


did you get some eggnog at the 7-11 this morning??

i am partial to C because every time some one asks my name they put a K - and I have to say Cathy with a C!! C does not get the credit it deserves!


hi Bean.. this is one of my favorite blogs so far! I'm not with you on the Q... I've never liked that letter, ever since I was a little kid and Papa Bear from the Bearnstein Bears would always say, "As my name is Papa Q. Bear.." It would always bother me.

But besides that I think X makes a strong statement, I like J much better than you, I agree that L is gay and A is great, I wish my letter K could be cooler.. the lowercase k gets away with more. Other than that, I've never put the letters in order to how I like them, but I do have a my favorite numbers in order.. do you?

(3, 8, 33, 38, 5, 35, 7, 11, 33...)

Kings Fan

Um, what?!?! Is this what I should expect in the future from your blog? Holy crap... I'm dumber for reading it.

I must agree with Brother John about the letter M. It is the 13th letter of the alphabet and has represents such an important word....


perhaps i should just look at this page on Fridays.......that might be better for my sanity.


"Breast", "Boob", "Beautiful", and "Bounce" start with 'B' so I'm surprised Bean didn't make it his favorite letter.


I've heard critics bag about your blog. What a
fitting subject matter to reply to those critics. F. U. Two great letters that are great together.


oh Bean, Lynne is right, guys are gonna get you for this one.


I believe that you cannot give too much credit or recognition to letters that look exactly the same in their UPPER CASE as they do in their lower case. Therefore, the following letters should be deleted from any discussions about "Best Letter In The World": c,o,p,s,u,v,w,x,y,z. My personal vote goes for A : 1st letter, 1st Man's name started with A, solid, symmetrical, strong, just the best!


i like F....like F this post!


G is by far the worst letter. It's just ugly. Good god, G is such a horrible letter. I like D though. It's so underappreciated.


You all really need to die for this one. What the F are you talking about.


Die Emily, Die Bean! Exclamation point. How about that biotches.

Johnny Socko

First of all, Peff: On the contrary, "G" is the greatest. Get stuffed. Git.

Second, bravo to Kimberly and Patsy: I can't believe that I didn't think of "X" sooner. "X rated", "X marks the spot", and also, one of the greatest L.A. rock bands ever.


I'm more of numbers guy. 69 does it for me.

Art Vandalet

I don't like 'W' because it's named incorrectly. It should be "Double-V." Sure, some people write it in a swooping fashion where it can be considered a "Double-U," but that's the feminine way to write it.

And by the way, if a 'W' is a "Double-U," then should 'M' be "One-and-a-half N?" We need more consistency in our alphabet.


you are all crazy...a favorite letter is like having a favorite planet...just plain crazy...


I dig 'Y', don't get me wrong, but I just can't seem to forgive it for being '...and sometimes Y'. Why only sometimes? Other vowels are firmly in place....I just wish that 'Y' would step up.
By the way, nice nod to Simon & Garfunkel in the post title.




Sorry, Johnny Socko but I agree with Peff. My name starts with G and although I have nice penmanship, I have never been able to properly write a legible cursive G. It's also difficult for others since I've been called Bail and Sail. Very fun to hear at the doctors office, "Bail", and have everyone wonder how a parent actually decided to name you that...

Adam West

Adam West likes the letter W...end of discussion


hahaha! (sigh) good stuff. Bean...you're amazing.


X is the best. X does many things no other letters can. Think about that.


Bean...I've been with you up until now. God damnit! Hope you recover from this one.

(Don't worry, I'm still an avid reader)


It's got to be 'elemeno'. C'mon, who doesn't love that wonderful jumble of L,M,N,O?


Dear Bean,

I am positive several perceptive, creative and clever individuals have voluntarily voiced viewpoints of your investigation, moreover, their exclusively favorite device. I approve, “Y” is advantageous. You never observed, however, the device “V”...devised by equivalence, (peace sign) virtue/love/dove/nonviolence, “V For Vendetta,” and distinctiveness. Reevaluate “V” as unrivaled.



Yolanda Ayala

Are you sXXXting me with this, Bean!?!?! Why are you even responding to this anyway? And whats up with whoever sent this crappy ass question??? You people must be on a good one. Although I should say my name starts with a "Y" so atleast you made the right choice. LOSERS...

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