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December 12, 2007


Jim from Columbus

Very interesting selection of pictures. I will have to check that site frequently. Thanks.

cathy g.

marc brown from KABC here in the bad place and belly dancers all in one post?


Vic Rattler

Are those Hello Kitty cookies?
How perfect for you!


Ack!! You have to post a possible Not Safe For Work warning with that link! I can't even describe what I just saw because I closed it so fast! There goes my promotion.

Thank alot Bean! Now I'm hooked on that site. (refreshes now)


They have the same feature with Blogger, and I've spent hours watching the photos stream by as people post them.

I think I'd like to buy the Asshat key chain for someone for Christmas.


Thanks big fella!!

I have just wasted about 2 hours of my life with this and then I even followed a picture to an apparently Russian site that posts random pictures bugaka.ru

There you go waster of my time.

No seriously great website find.


The Hello Kitty cupcakes are so cute! I think I'm going to steal that idea!

Vic Rattler

Don't do it Buckwheat!
You have so much to live for!

Matt in HB

Yahoo's flickr.com also lets you see 20 random pictures out of the thousands that were uploaded in just that minute. It's totally addicting. Before you know it, hours can spent looking at stanger's photo albums, like Kevin & Kelly's 1500 beach photos. Just like you said you can't help but hit the refresh button to see what other gems come up, and sometimes I do means Gems - if you know what I mean.
Now I'm going to be addicted to looking at Live Journal photos. This stupid paper on quality is never going to get done. Thanks Bean!!!!


Hey look what I found on there, a quiz:

What are your chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse?


Apparently I have a 26% chance of survival. I need to step that up...


i have been refreshing the heck out of that livejournal images site for a few years now. it's quite addicting and you really do find interesting stuff there.

there's another place that i go to there for all my celebrity/entertainment info it's a community called ohnotheydidnt or 0NTD (see url). fun stuff.


damn you bean
dam you to hell!!
i actually liked this one. lol


I've been visiting a site just like that for over a year now. For some reason this one always has a ton of russian images which are always interesting for some reason


Jim from Columbus

Dammit Bean!

I read about this LJ pic site from here and now it has been a month and I am still hooked.

At work I have a browser open and refresh it occasionally.

It is pure EVIL. Those damn Russians and Japs.


Wow this is awesome! I just saw a picture of Christina Aguilera at Disneyland posing with Donald Duck and he has pulled her shirt down exposing complete clevage! lol

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