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December 28, 2007


Paul Lee

Tater Tot's tears cure cancer. Too bad Tater Tot never cries. Tater Tot does, however, sue book publishers who print lies a bout Tater Tot. Lies, all lies.

What is this "parody" you speak of...?"


Um, Tater Tot is adorable and if I had a house I might try to negotiate for his/her purchase. However, if I had a garage, I would also LOVE to buy that classic truck.

Trucks today are no match for a good '62-'65 truck, that was built sturdy (as all vehicles were back in the day). Nowadays, all cars and trucks are made of fiberglass that basically crumples under the slightest impact.

If you saw the movie "Double Jeopardy" w/ the gorgeous Ashley Judd, you'd have an idea of what I'd do w/ that truck (is it Chevy or Ford?). In case you missed it (rent it if you have a chance - Tommy Lee Jones is in it too and it is a great film) basically she bumps a little pos sedan out of her way w/ out so much as a scratch to her own truck. Ah, how delightful would that be?

me! =)

Look at her..........God, she's just too much!!!! =)

& hey, just out of curiosity, what model/year is the truck? My cousin is looking for an old truck to rebuild......Any way of transporting it to the "Bad Place"??? =)~

Kisses for the "Tot" & a BIG "hi" to you,

me! =)

PS- wow, I just realized I hadn't left a comment for over a week....... That felt weird...... =(


Know what the 'Tot is thinking?..

"Just get me off this thing! What is he doing? Someone come and rescue me from this freakshow!"


Where is PETA when you need 'em?

Vic Rattler

OK, maybe she's never DONE it... but has she ever ATTEMPTED it?

Oh no, right... it's the cow that's the killer, forgot.


Oh, how I love Tater Tot. She looks good on anything. (Definitely better than Tawny Kittaen on a Jaguar.)


Thanks for all of your Tater Tot pics this year. I hope you, Donna and the Tot have a Happy New Year.

Tiffiny Whitney

I was never a huge bulldog fan until my exposure to Tater Tot Fridays. I'm a bigger bulldog fan every time Friday rolls around. She's SO cute. :) I'd wonder why you and Donna never had kids...probably because dogs are so much cuter!!!



Seriously, Tater Tot needs an agent. She is simply precious.

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