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December 05, 2007



Well then, maybe less pictures from a train, and more pictures of Miss Donna. I'm just sayin. Are you with me guys!


Bean - I have to admit that your photography inspired me to get a decent digital camera, to take lots of photos and to look around me for things that might make an interesting shot. It gives one a whole new perspective on the world around us . . .


Hooray for SNA....sort of. I just work 3 min away form their, I'm surprised i didn't see you on the road after the "work event" earlier.

Kings Fan

Bean, you do take pictures of things the majority of us would never think of as a potential picture. I appreciate that quality in you and enjoy the pictures to share with us.

Tiffiny Kaye Whitney

I like taking pictures myself...except the only camera I have is my cell phone and a disposable one. I think I'm getting a digital one for Christmas with a printer (yay!).

I actually love that picture you took in the rain...



I'm in San Francisco this week and took some pics of artwork under a bridge which I was going to send you..

you are right..its a cheap hobby and lots of fun


I was wondering what type of camera phone do you have? I've got a Razor but the pics it takes are terrible. I like taking pictures of my poodle dressed up in girls panties and would probably take even more if I had a decent camera phone. Thank you Bean


Sooooooooooo much better than the "What's the best letter in the world?"
That's your mulligan.
One more and you are out fo the club.
Opps! I just broke rule #1 of the People Who Hate People Club. We're having a hard time getting meetings together. I ask when the meeting is and all I get is "F!!k you!" They're just a bunch of a$$holes.


I'm just sayin'...


My lovely Bean!! I must admit I began reading your blog after hearing it berated it , to see just what it was all about....and although I don't understand much of it, I do appreciate you in all your glory. LOL Your loyal loving fan,
PS... I love the pic in the rain and actually saved it to my computer. :)


Dude, you are by far the biggest dork in the universe.


Yay! Bean's photos are back! You really see the world in an interesting way, and I love the choices you make when you're taking photos. Do you find you shoot more with your iPhone now that you have it with you all the time? Do you not carry your digital camera anymore?


My wife bough a really nice (expensive) camera for me, with a 7meg capability but because of the memory capacity, I only use the lowest setting. So do not spend more than you need. After taking a crap load of pictures to hold on to memories of my son growing up, someone pointed out that I had found a hobby. I still don't know what they meant. I just take pictures for the fun of it, it's nothing to write a blog about. Unlike Bean, of course.

you should take a couple of photos around the farm or surrounding nature. I love farm photos. Do you have any ponds or small bodies of waters near your home?


Nice! Bean's pics are back!

Photography can be one of the cheapest hobbies ever. You dont need a fancy expensive camera to get great shots and the one with your cell phone is a perfect example.


Bean, I love both of these photos, esp the one at the light. Photography is such an amazing way to create art!!!! Thx for sharing!


Hey Bean: How's this for living too long. I actually was employed in a FotoMat booth in the early 80's. I only stuck around for two weeks. What a dope!!

Mike Hunt

these shots are actually good...put 'em on Flickr dude!

michelle k

they're great!


"Just because they are not candidates for a scrapbook or a frame..."

I disagree, that shot of the train tracks would look very cool in a plain black frame.

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