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December 30, 2007



That guy you know, nicknamed "the hair", well
you can't call him that anymore. Wonderful
pictures though!


Spectacular coastline.

[ b ] e c k e r

nice photos bean... i'd even put that second one on my website. keep it up.


Nice pic of you Bean...not scary at all.

Irene the Bean

I agree, Bean: that second photo is beautiful. Good job.


wow your pics are awesome!! i especially like the second one. where is it?

Vic Rattler

Yes! Caption needed!
What the hell?

Johnny Socko

That shot of the lighthouse through the rainy winshield could pass for a still from "The Ring", or some similar horror/mystery movie. Great composition.

Come on, Bean, it's only a small step to cinematography!


Kewpie dolls are evil and should be melted down. Sure, it's probably not environmentally correct to amass that much plastic in one spot, but I think it would be justified in this case.

Steve Schroeder

Dang, Bean, really epic photos!

I'm off to the Oregon Coast in the morning for a couple days of new year misty magic.

I can only hope it brings me the same beauty as it clearly brought you.

Bean --

Why do you look like a 50 year old woman that's been smoking all her life?

michelle k

i love love love the photos!!

Kings Fan

At one time, my ex-wife wanted us to move to Bend, Oregon. I told her it sounded too much like "Bend Over Again".

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