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December 13, 2007



I don't remember this song on a commercial but it has a nice sound. It kind of reminds me of the scorpions....

There are a lot of older bands playing their music on television as of late...take Foreigner for example with their song on Verizon...

If its hard for todays Musicians to make a dime, think about the artists from the past. Support your bands and buy their music!


I have no problem supporting musicians, but it becomes very difficult for me to support the RIAA for the things they do.

The problem is really two fold. First, a lot of music sucks, and buying a CD for 1-4 songs is pretty discouraging. While I could go with the iTunes route, I dislike being told how and what I can use that purchased song for. I'm not saying that I should be able to go out and make a profit off this purchased song, but otherwise why should they even care?


I fully believe that if you can make a living doing something you love, you're a lucky bastard!! More power to the bands and musicians who are not only able to create songs that appeal to the masses, but also have the marketing ingenuity and contacts to be able to make a buck!! HEAR HEAR!! Who's with me??

Tiffiny Whitney

I totally agree. My sister downloads stuff for free all the time (or used to) and would always hate it when I gave her a hard time for it. She'd say, "Well, if I really like it, I'll go buy the album." Yeah...that's great...but what about the other fifty million songs you have by different artists, and you jipped all of those guys?

I'm a big supporter of iTunes. Musicians should be able to charge for their music, as I think we should be paying them for their services (entertainment). If you're going to use the, "But only two songs on the whole album are good" argument, then fine...go spend the $2 to get the two songs. Don't scam the artist out of their money.


Vic Rattler

"Selling out is when you make the song you're told to make, instead of the song you want to make."
-Henry Rollins

Tom Cruise

bean bean bean bean bean bean bean...you're talking about legally supporting music when at the same time your blog post is, itself, a copyright infringement? Posting up that video plus the song in mp3 form is, unless you have permission, illegal. Oh the irony.


I've been in a cave, so glad you are back to blogging...I missed it so :)

Thanks for the info Bean, TRULY!


I heard Maynard James Keenan from Tool on the radio about 1-2 months ago and he sounded so angry about the downloading topic. But then I remebered a South Park episode and the message was these bands should just be happy so many people want to hear their music.

Billy Medlock

This comment isn't really about this post, but since I just stumbled upon this site yesterday and noticed tha Roq La Rue Gallery posting I had to tell you about an upcoming show. This weekend is the newest "Shag" show at that gallery. Check out his website, www.shag.com. Sounds like a porn website but it's not. Buy the one called "Lost Book" since you can afford it and I can't. Just lettin you know....


I can admit at times I have downloaded music but as the poster above stated it angers me how the riaa does everything in its power to deny how technology can help these musicians make money. If the Riaa had accepted a form of single song purchase as in itunes or rhapsody years ago right when napster was gaining in popularity I dont think that this would be as wide spread of a problem. But I do go out and buy cds for some of the lesser known artists I like to listen to but for the most part im not going to go out and buy a cd when there is 2 songs I want to listen too.


I agree with you on bands "selling out," Bean. I find it irritating when fans feel the band they like has "sold out" because now they're popular and selling CDs and (finally) making money.

As for music downloads, pay your artists people! Remember 45s? That's what you bought when you only wanted one song, not the whole album. If you don't like iTunes, use another pay for music site that works better for you.


they have a pixies' sound. good reccomendation.


Hmmm . . . and are you paying royalties for reproducing the music on your site?

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