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December 15, 2007



Oh man, that sucks . . . how hard did you have to fight with your auto and/or homeowners insurer?

Emily Alexis

Having just recently moved from Bremerton, Washington to Texas, the weather is definitely the thing I do NOT miss! I'm originally from Southern California, and I just never could get used to the cold. The rain wasn't so bad, people definitely tend to exaggerate it. Now I am loving the sometimes 80 degree weekends we are having here! In December! I'm glad you posted those pictures though because I've been trying to figure out why "God hates Bean" for a while now.


While that really blows (figuratively),it
could have been a lot worse by about fifteen
feet,literally. I take it the insect was dead.


I remember you telling me about the storm and seeing those pictures...its funny how a little drizzle in So Cal and its Storm Watch!


I went to college in Oly and have made that drive on the 5 between there and Portland numerous times. I've seen flooding in the Chehalis/Centralia area before and remember driving the 5 with water up to the lanes on both sides of the freeway. I was most struck this time around seeing the photos of the drowned livestock. How horrible.

Did you get another Beetle or something else?

If you know a storm is coming that could potentially knock down a tree, can you provide support to the tree via other devices (such as something to prop up the tree)? Maybe clip some of the branches? It seems like the more aerodynamic you could make the tree, the less likely it would fall over during a wind storm, or alternatively, the more you could distribute the force of the wind to other areas the less likely the tree would fall down.


Wow, your last poster must not live in Washington
and have hundreds of trees on his property to worry about!

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