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December 03, 2007



Sweat isnt the only reason, what about keeping their hair out of their eyes?


You're right, Anon!! Just look at all that hair in those photos. Oh, wait.....


Baby Flashdance? hahahahahaha. I hate parents


I think it's because their girl babies look like boys, and the moms have to distinguish them somehow, so they have to attach a pink headband to alert strangers that the alien baby is indeed a girl.


It reminds me of dogs that go to the groomer and return home clean but with a bow on their head. How do you think Fido feels about that?



All babies look like aliens... especially this one


KROQ Listener

It's because people like you walk up to a baby dressed in a PINK DRESS and say "oh how cute, what's his name?"


Notice how it's only the bald babies who wear those stupid things? Bad mommy!!

Tiffiny Whitney

On kids with more hair, it's cute. On those kids...you're right...it's not.

I disagree though on the dogs with bows in their hair. Screw how the dog feels. Dogs with bows are freaking cute. Same with dogs who wear Halloween costumes. :)


Vic Rattler

Is that what Hillarys been saying? When she talks all I hear is the teacher from Peanuts.

Amy Souza

as the mom of an 8 month old girl......we have a strict NO HEADBAND rule in our house!

Quahog Island

Your blogs are a cornucopia of ignoramus


Bean...please tell me this is your kid and not some random freak shot with your iPhone. People go to jail for that, homie...


Tiffiny, I reject you totally. I'm with Bean, and you should ESPECIALLY not do that to dogs. It's demeaning.


These are the same moms who name their kids trendy names like Brittney and Madison.



i am a goth mama and i dress my 5 month old little lady in black. the headbands i create for her help retarded people know shes a girl. yes i have issues and im proudly passing them on!


Maybe it's a gang thing. Do these babies hang out in Compton?

cathy g.

Those headbands are so 1992!! And my daughter, who was a baby in 1992, was forced to wear them so people would stop telling me how cute my bald son was!! I think I owe my daughter an apology for making her look like a just groomed hairless puppy!!


i hate them too. UGH

Fred G

As long as the kid has a normal name, spelled in a normal way, headbands are ok with me.


as new mom (3 weeks today) i received a bunch of those stupid elastic strap on bows. they were shot right into the trash can. they are hideous!

i don't care if people know what sex my baby is or not. babies are supposed to look like babies.


I wholeheartedly agree with you. This is not only a problem with babies though. Everyone who is wearing any form of sweatband and is not exercising, is a moron. I also saw a GUY wearing snow boots at a Hooters in LA. What the hell?

Keep up the good work Bean.


i hear there's a bad storm rolling through your neck of the woods. hope all is well with you and the fam/farm


The more I read, the lower my IQ goes.

How can you possibly write this pointless crap? Sure it may pass the time, but at the expense of the IQ of others? Spare us the retardification Bean, we deal enough with it on a day to day basis... we dont need this.

PS. I know that retardification isn't a word. But it makes more sense than your blog. =]

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