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February 27, 2008



Ok, cutest stories ever. My friends and family also jam my email with stories like this but some how they missed these two. Thanks for sharing.


Godzilla needed a generous dog like this! I'm guessing the reason mama dog licks him all the time is not because she loves him more, but because it seems to her that he smells funny . . .


i want a hug from a big, fluffy, sweet, beautiful lion...


Oh my lord, maybe it's because I am preggo an my hormones are in full gear, but the lion hugging his rescuer just made me tear up! How loving and sweet. It is amazing that he remembers her.....makes me smile/cry at the same time, so so sweet.

Not to mention the lil piggy, you can TELL he is clean as can be, he is soooo pink!


The lion video almost seems to bizarre to be real. If it is though, that's awesome.


Why is it that my Dad only sends me the lame ones with dogs and cats photoshopped to smile? Thanks for bringing the goods Bean!


I love the lion story. I saw that a few months ago. I would LOVE to get a big hug from a lion like that.

And that pig is damn cute, too. So clean!

Isn't the reason we eat pigs instead of dogs is because pigs taste better than dogs? Plus, when pigs get older, aren't they a bit mean and pushy? Plus, aren't dogs good for more than just eating anyway? I've never seen a pig do anything of use outside of Babe, which I'm pretty sure was staged.


That's amazing, I thought for sure it was a video of a lion shredding a woman to pieces. But this did happen in CALI Colombia so maybe the lion was just high out of his mind.

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