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February 20, 2008



Bean, you are just wrong in the head. But thank you for making me laugh this early.


Well...if anything it shows you how bad our social security system is...


As a longtime Ohio resident, I'd say chances are good Verna took the maiden voyage of the Cleveland Steamer.


Leaving Betty White for Verna.....Good call.


And this is why I love you Bean!


I get more and more worried about why I read you every day. I mean, I know I shouldn't but man, you keep creeping me out.


Oh Bean. did you hear that? That was the sound of my heart breaking... Damn you Verna Naylor!!!


donna really is a saint, you know...

cathy g.

You always manage to take my crummy day and make it better....

I wish you and Verna a lifetime of happiness!


Can't you keep Donna and just bang Verna on the side?

Fred G.

If only Donna was so lucky.

John E

OK, now that she's single, where's the line for Donna forming? I want a piece of that!! Whoo-hoo! I mean, woo-hoo!

Edmund F

Sometime's', you just beg to be mock'ed.

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