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February 03, 2008



Maybe they ought to bring Phil out at the telethon. If he doesn't croak when Jerry sings
there will be twelve more months without a cure. If Jerry dies first make Phil the new host, can't be any worse.


Frankly, I long for the day when, before the media of the world, the well-dressed man pulls out the groundhog, who suddenly goes all Rabbit of Caerbannog on their top-hatted asses-- blood spraying, body-parts flying, cameras being tossed into the air still filming as the pap. are taken down during the carnage.... *happy sigh*


I couldn't believe it either that 30K people showed up for that event.
This year the Milwaukee Groundhog Club almost had to cancel their 100th-anniversary celebration as a result of the death of their groundhog, Walnut. Fortunately, another area wildlife group had a groundhog to loan and the show went on.

Vic Rattler

The popularity of that movie will sustain this tradition for a long while.


Why do people want to see simple traditions go away. As an old person I hope some traditions like Ground Day, which are harmless fun, will continue. Maybe if parents spent more time with their kids embracing traditions, the world as we are now living in would return to a better place. As to the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon, I am not a fan of Mr. Lewis but I applaud the work he has done for Muscular Dystrophy and hope that the youth of today, who will be having children of their own that could be affected by this debilitating disease, will learn there are some traditions that need to continue.


Hey, thanks for the advice, I took the Giants and really cleaned up. Guess that giant rat is good for something after all! Though I have to admit that I find it hard to believe that a man who plans his vacations around going to see the world's largest fill-in-the-blank (knowing full well that he will, in fact, be going to see the world's largest concrete representation of fill-in-the-blank) would have the audacity to pooh-pooh anybody's silly little traditions. You are truly a strange, strange man.

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