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February 01, 2008



Ok, my senses are overloaded with cuteness.

I am glad Sopie and Godzilla are working things out. Have you thought about setting them up with a romantic dinner?


My wife wants a Bulldog puppy...i gotta admit they are cute when they are puppies

At least Godzilla and Sophie are in the same stall...she could have put him in the dog house


Tater is and was adorable, and I'm so pleased to read that Godzilla is inching his way back into Sophie's good graces

Monica W.

I am happy to see that Godzilla and Sophie are at least giving it a shot. I look forward to up dates on them.


At least 'Zilla and Sophie are sleeping 'cheek to cheek'...
Tater is SO cute!! Thanks for making my Friday!


Bulldogs make the cutest puppies! Glad Sophie and Godzilla are working on getting their relationship back in order.


omg cute overload.


Touching is good.

Tater as a puppy... priceless.


Dude, you should set up some cameras and do a web reality series chronicling the pigs' separation, reunion and attempts to re-find the love.

What? It's not like there's anything on TV.

Angry Adam

OK brother, you have taken this WAY too far! I thought this whole farm animal obsession was a joke. But you are serious! Really, get some help.

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