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February 02, 2008


Paul Lee


Hire an international courier. There are organizations that let you ship things that are carried in person. I don't know how expensive it is, but they off set the cost by finding someone who is already traveling that way and discounting that person's airfare. As long as you can have someone meet the courier at the destination airport, this or a service similar to this might be your best bet.


a)Find someone traveling to Puerto Rico

b)Place the snails in a carry on little aquarium

c)Have them drop it off in one of Puerto Rico's many forest...

Being Puerto Rican myself, i would take them but don't see me going anytime soon.


Or get them to Florida and take a private plane from there.

And...are we still talking about snails?


Not too sure on how to get the creatures back, but godspeed and I hope you do.


If you can't get the back, perhaps donate them to the San Diego Wildanimal Park. I think they have a tropical area for bugs and plants

brother john

From the website: "After our world suffers severe ravages brought on by humankind..."
Without have read the story, I don't know for sure if the author is speaking of man-made global warming, but what irony it would be if he were. Not only sending an entire film crew to the rain forest to tell the story but making a return trip to deliver snails? The mind boggles.

LiLa & Pookie

I'm not sure on how to get them back home, but after seeing their pics, it has made me hungry for escargot in garlic butter served with french bread & grapes.

Liz Griffis

Road trip it to Miami?! Perhaps then take a cruise around the area...possibly one to puerto rico, or a short plane ride over from Nassau?

Good Luck!


plenty of salt


Those are some great suggestions. I will definitely look into the courier service, thank you Paul. Suggestions such as finding a traveler to transport and other direct mail methods are great, except for the permit issue. Anyone carrying them would have to declare them (or smuggle) and I don't want to do anything illegal.

Recently, the USDA/APHIS got in touch with me and told me in no uncertain terms that they do not offer a "regular individual" a permit to transport mollusks under any conditions.

They are requiring that I surrender the snails, or they will come and seize them. They say they will likely just dissolve the snails in alcohol, and if I want, I can "keep the shells." I was speechless...

The Puerto Rican Department of Forestry and other PR writers and activists are pleading with the USDA to reconsider, and grant a special pardon for these snails so they can return home. I will know more on Monday, but the US government workers do not seem to be compassionate towards the gastropods.

Please feel free to post a letter on the discussion board on http://www.chrysalismovie.net , which I will forward to the entomologist I am dealing with at USDA/APHIS. I don't want to post his email because I would like to try not to irritate him while there is still a chance to change his mind.

Thank you everyone for your interest and support, and thank you Bean, for this opportunity to tell the Snail's story.

PS - The "entire crew" of the shoot in the rainforest consisted of three eco-conscious individuals (one Puerto Rican native) and a hand-held Panasonic HVX200. More damage is done to the planet driving one's car to work. This is an environmental film about the metamorphosis of life after an unspecified apocalyptic event. And yes, it is ironic that a story written by Ray Bradbury in the early 1950s would be so relevant today.


Puerto Rico has representation in the US Congress due to its US Commonwealth status. Resident Commissioner Luis G. Fortuno might be of some help here. He sits on the House Committee on Natural Resources, so this is right up his alley for two reasons. Contact him with the plight of these native Puerto Rican snails at either his Washington office or his local district office:
The Honorable Luis G. Fortuno
United States House of Representatives
126 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515-5401
DC Phone: 202-225-2615
DC Fax: 202-225-2154

Electronic Correspondence: http://www.house.gov/writerep/
WWW Homepage: http://www.house.gov/fortuno/

District Office:
250 Calle Fortaleza
Old San Juan, PR 00901
Voice: 787-723-6333
FAX: 787-729-7738

Vic Rattler

For the love of GOD!
Are you kidding me?

who cares?

You are kidding me right?


I've got 3 words. Es Car Got!


Wow. That's a LOT of work for a few snails.

I can only hope this person spends just as much time helping causes that are WAY more important. I mean, if you've got the determination to get any government involved in whatever it is you're doing, imagine what you can do if you're trying to help abused children, awareness for a disease, finding homes for abandoned animals, or raising money for any of those groups.

Volunteer. We have more power than most people realize, and helping 3 small snails "return home" seems like an awfully insignificant drop in the bucket.

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