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February 06, 2008


michelle k

absolutely beautiful


Great photos! The first two have a desolate look I associate with the Midwest


I lived in the Eugene-Springtucky area for grad school and when it did snow there it was like rain in Hell-A. People freaked out and lost all ability to drive or act "normal". Unlike Hell-A it was always very pretty scenery.
Cool pics. (ha!)


Wow! I LOVE the last pic! Amazing!


Great Pics Bean. Very nice.


There is a certain something to winter pictures. And I love them. Impressive pictures from a moving vehicle.


Makes me think about Robert Frost... "whose woods these are/I think I know..."


almost too beautiful to be real...

uhhh... what>

Hey bean, cut the stupid blogging! its making me sick !!!! cut your life short or stay in oregon! it will suit you some good !!


You know, you can quit your day job and become
a photographer. That way "Chief" will finally
think you've wised up and got a real job!

cathy g.

seriously bean... you need to just be a photographer (and blogger). Everytime I see some of your photography I am just blown away.

As always, THANK YOU for sharing!


You make me miss the Northwest... I loved my time in Oregon, and traveled extensively to Washington...namely Whidbey Island...sniff...sniff...you have an extra room?? I could be your private nurse!

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