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May 11, 2008



Time to visit Randy again and get that sports
page framed. It would make a great addition
to the new place.


Your tag for this post - "cool" - is apropo. Are you and Donna going to move into the waterfront home? is there room for all the kids?


Ebay? Sure, why not? I mean, all those house renovations aren't going to pay themselves - or maybe it actually will, but with this crappy economy, I wouldn't be too sure.

Weird. Makes me wonder what kind of impression our newspaper would make to someone 82 years into the future.


Hey Bean, loved this post. Thanks for sharing!!! As far as the piece with the WS Yankees, yes, sell on EBAY!!!

maltese parakeet

what a great treasure to find! if you don't frame it (which is a great idea), you should seal it up with a copy of the seattle times from today in one of the new walls you are building. a treasure for someone to find in another 82 years!


wow that is pretty crazy. its always interesting to check out old trash. ok that sounds kind of weird, but one of the coolest trash finds in history was in egypt, they found it about 100 years ago and are still going through it and finding interesting things.

even though those papers are not quite 100 years old, its really interesting to see the ad copy, and what is even crazier is that that car ad doesn't even feature a scantily clad female, so you know they didn't sell many of them.


The cruise was interesting to me, 15 years after the Titanic disaster, timing right between World War I and World War II. Yankees article on Ebay seems like an idea. But framing it and hanging it at the new place seems right up your alley to me. Great conversation piece.

John E

That 1927 paper isn't worth anything. Send it to me so that I can dispose of it properly. wink wink nudge nudge


Quindent, Colgate Total Advanced. Quindent. Colgate. Hmmm... And I thought they were still using baking sody way back then...

One thing's for sure - NO ONE would take the time to read through an ad like that these days just to decide on a toothpaste!


I'm still a Christmas Card kind of gal, so I particularly loved the CC article! I would like to include it in my newsy letter to be sent to all my unsuspecting friends and family! May I?!

Thanks for the walk through another time and place!!


cathy g

what a great find. keep them and display them... it will add to the beauty of a waterfront (totally envious of that) house.


Ebay, no way! Keep it. I thought you were a baseball fan.


Fascinating!!! I love this old stuff... yesterday I attended a vintage fashion expo and they had SHOES from the 1800s!!!! SHOES!!!


Ebay or donate it to the Baseball Hall of Fame museum.


Did Andy Rooney write the Christmas Cards part? It reeks of him!
Wasn't he like 40 in 1924?

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