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May 08, 2008



Congratulations on a beautiful piece of art!


wow, bean. good job!!


pink walls? how gay

Kings Fan

Of all the pictures I've seen of your house through the years, I have been very impressed with your taste. But what I still can't wrap my head around is the pink walls. Seriously, what gives?


Fantastic piece of art made even better by the time you were able to spend with the artist.


Once again a reminder that art is very interpretive and pink walls are to be left for the vagina


I'm seething with jealousy...I'm Mexican, I should have the painting.

Sketchbook by chris

Great Painting, congrats on the purchase. Maybe you can show us more of your art collection?


at what point do you add on just to have more wall space for your artwork?

John E

Seriously, I'm not someone who appreciates fine art, but damn - that is a beautiful painting! And the rest of his work is amazing as well.

So when do you post pics of the OJ Simpson picture? ;-)

cathy g

what a fantastic piece. I love it!!


very cool, congratulations! and i admire your "patron of the arts" status - you're practically a medici!

also love the pink wall!!!!


That painting was made for your pink wall! Wow, that is beautiful!


wow and congratulations. your patience is amazing, i would have given up after he said i had to wait. all of your art is so interesting, it's such a treat to catch glimpses of the interior of your home.

so when are you going to offer tours of your museum/home/farm/torture basement? ;)


This is an awesome painting... you're a lucky man!!


thanks, bean. i printed this out on a color printer and now i have the poor man's version of a gorgeous painting. it makes my work desk feel a little more like a home.


Oh, Bean. I'm sure the painting is lovely but I can't enjoy it because it is surrounded by horrifyingly florescent pink walls. Why do you insist that you are not gay? Poor Donna is just your beard.


It looks amazing in that spot, no wonder you were willing to wait for it. No poster from Spencer Gifts would have done that space justice, congrats


I LOVE your new painting! Frida Kahlo is one of my favorite artists and I'm so envious of you! That is just beautiful! Talk about being at the right place at the right time........

me =)


Glad to see you didn't hang it in the barn.


my arm aches just thinking about working on that mosaic detail....

very cool that you got to spend time with the artist....

fancy house, bean. the moldings are gorgeous. and the pink has moxie it but burns my retinas a little... ;)


What's with your claw hand around Alfredo Arreguin's shoulder? He looks frightened.


A far cry from the Madonna posters, indeed.

Vic Rattler

Blah blah blah Smithsonian art cakes...
Who won 3,000th post? ;)


I was in Washington D.C. over the summer visiting family and stopped by the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery (the best of the Smithsonian museums, in my opinion) and I fell in love with this piece. Having never bought art before, my husband and I wondered how one would attain such a beautiful piece of work. Now I know (right place, right time, and a lot of money). You are very lucky to own such a piece. You have great taste.


The perfect spot for the painting. The ceiling detail, the chandelier..., beautiful.
Bean, you are a giant.


When I got to the part where you were asking if the painting was for sale, first thought that popped into my head was that weird picture you have on your wall of the monkey with the dunce cap. So, where's the story on THAT scary piece of "art"???

(P.S. - Pink walls? Really??? Even I would never have pink walls, and I'm a woman!)


way better than OJ's weiner.


What a fantastic acquisition. Congratulations, Bean, both on the painting and the quality time spent with the artist.


Ok, this officially pulled me out of lurking to comment: I love that painting, and I love those pink walls and the white trim and the chandelier. Then again, I'm the crazy broad who has an orange hallway, a yellow living room and a bright red kitchen.


the one on the site that I saw and liked was $18K.

I guess I have expensive taste for just a little piece of culture.


George Costanza

You might like to add this artwork to your collection:



Hello Bean,

I love the painting of Frida and Diego. I love Frida, so avant garde, so colorful and original... from her hair, brows, clothing style....etc.

Such a tragic love story too....

anyway, congrats on the new piece and i love it on the pink wall with the crystal fixture. I noticed the stand up lamp too. Great taste!


Jade Paris

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