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May 06, 2008



I thought it was Quality, Value, Channel. I bought an antenna for my Dad's television set. He swore up and down that it would get tons of channels from all over the world but guess what...it didn't.

I also bought a Football Jacket.

Kings Fan

Never watched any of their channels; never visited their website; hence, never bought anything from them. But thanks for that info, Bean.


I JUST made my very first purchase two weeks ago....over the internet. A set of nonstick cooking pans. (much needed in my household).

My entire view of QVC changed when I visited them last year as a vendor. We had an item that was to appear last July, and we had to go in for special training in regard to their on air selling approach, as well as practice runs on a sound stage, in front of a camera with one of their actual hosts.

Those people really know what they're doing.

All about quality as well.

I click on their homepage every day to check their "TSV", or "Today's Special Value", which is a targeted item that sells for a really low price for a period of 24 hours. That's the reason I got the nonstick pan set, it was a "TSV".

Man, it really sounds like I drank the Kool Aid, doesn't it?


I can honestly say I have never bought anything from QVC. But I'm 32, so I guess I still have 22 years to go.


I've purchased a fair amount of jewelry from QVC, and have always been happy with it.


If you're flipping through the channels, once you hit QVC you have to watch. I have ordered a microwavable pasta cooker (never used, yet), a contraption to stretch out your spine (works and actually does make your back feel good) and some face wrinkle filler (works great!! but now I purchase it locally for less $$).
And, I'm a sucker for Sunday morning, Cooking with Bob. God, I need a life...


I have never bought from QVC but occasionally I have stopped off on their channel in the wee hours of the morning while trying to fall asleep. There has never been anything on that has even remotely tempted me.


Never watched it. Never visited the website. Never bought anything from them.

But in my former life in the credit industry, I did see some credit reports where our borrowers had some really large outstanding balances with them, several thousand dollars worth. Scary.


I used to tease my mother mercilessly about buying stuff on the Q and swore I'd never do it, but a couple years ago I dove in and bought a Furminator (pet hair removal tool) and that sent the floodgates wide open. I've purchased cooking stuff (generally good), silver jewelry (generally great), food (generally bad), clothing (hit or miss) and Lock N Lock storage containers which are the greatest thing ever. I've wondered about that back-stretcher-outer thingy, maybe I'll try it if Gail says it's good.


QVC is fun to watch in the middle of the night when you can tell the hosts and guests are trying really hard to stay perky and not fall over from exhaustion.

I also enjoy watching during the holidays as they try to pitch elaborate decorations and toys that end up malfunctioning. I've never seen people so fascinated by doorbells that play Jingle Bells.

Hey, wait a minute....

Sketchbook by chris

I am constantly amazed at what works on the American public.

I used to watch the Sports card Show, just cause the guy was yelling so loud about what a deal this was. I wasn't surprised to find out that the stuff he was pushing was crap and not worth the cardboard most of it was printed on. There was a lot of questions about the authenticity of the autographs sold on the program to. I steer WAY clear of that channel.


I've never bought anything from them and never watch it, but back in the 80s when it first came on the air, my mom was GLUED to the TV. It seemed like every other day the UPS guy was dropping off some package. Now, she's addicted to eBay.


I have only bought one thing: Birkenstock sandals (for about $40 when they were retailing for about $80), which I still wear to this day.


Suz- The back stretcher does take a little time to get used to. It has 3 levels that you can work through. The 3rd is for someone very flexible - think Cirque du Soleil.


i purchased a home pilates bench. i didn't get to be on air (darn it!) but the item was pretty decent. i came very very close to ordering jewelry, too, but didn't. i never watched again after that day. luckily i'm not that materialistic and sort of indecisive; keeps me in the black.


When I was 12 years old or so, my brother and I begged our parents to let us buy a set of limited edition Star Wars comics off QVC. They let us. That's the only thing my family has collectively bought off QVC in our lives.


It's so much like an infomercial. When I see an item that looks cool I'll pick up the phone and start to dial. Then it occurs to me,
what am I doing, really. What. Am. I. Doing!


Bean, I love QVC almost as much as I love your blog! I have bought everything from bras, beauty products, computers, food, tons of jewelery, shoes, and some weird plunger thingy for clogged drains that I have yet to use. I look forward to my birthday, because QVC sends me a birthday card signed by all the hosts!

Did you know that Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs used to be a host on QVC?


Hate to admit that I have been sucked into home shopping. I have spent a hard earned $100 on the 6 week body makeover. The unfortunate part is I can't tell you if it works- still in the box under my bed... Also Wolfgang Puck pots and pans- best ever! oh, and some eye cream from Sylvester Stallones wife- that stuff is great. And...


you know, a lot of people make fun of QVC but we're gotten some really USEFUL items of great quality, not to mention on easy pay, from them. there are some stupid items and the hosts can be dim sometimes, but overall QVC is fantastic.

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