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May 29, 2008



I'm stockpiling bananas to barter for my freedom.


get you mechanical arm off me you damn dirty ape!


The new adventures of, The Island of Doctor


What will be the net affect on the ongoing monkey butlers vs. robot butlers debate? One, or both, will certainly be in our future, if the ape uprising fails, that is…


humm sadly this is not the first time we have armed the enemy. what is wrong with this part of America that says hey lets give apes some control. I was almost ok with it thinking maybe it was for apes that had missing limbs, but then to find out that they had fully functioning arms. WTF people?


Oh if the device could control humans and not just robotic arms!


The theory goes that an infinite amount of monkeys randomly typing for an infinite amount of time would eventually produce Shakespeare.

There was a rich guy a few years ago that could only afford 100 monkeys.

They didn't produce Shakespeare, but they did duplicate Enron's accounting books!

Vic Rattler

I don't think it's dangerous as long as they make sure to kill the monkeys so they can't teach the others.


1) How does this prove that the arms were doing what the monkeys intended for them to do? We have no way of knowing what the monkey in the video was actually thinking - he was probably trying to get the arm to strangle the human that had him locked up in that box, and instead, the thing just kept appeasing his rage by feeding him instead, and

2) Was anyone else really disturbed by the sight of that poor animal trapped in that box, unable to move? How cruel!!! No wonder the monkeys are going to kill us all - it's revenge for the horrible treatment we've subjected them to!

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