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May 14, 2008


Emily Alexis

Hmmm....I seem to remember Mark Wahlberg having a dynamic pair of costars in that movie. Even if they only had a few lines...


Great story for sure! It just goes to show, anything is possible!!! Thanks, Bean!!!


You're "tempted" to go? You get your butt across that "pond" and into that concert!! Have fun!


Awesome! Maybe one day I can step in for Cindy Wilson in the B-52's!!


a) Did you really say Stryper? and b) don't you mean RockStar starring Mark Wahlberg and You?


not that this comment is really connected or anything, but i LOVE my Styx Tshirt....shows off my curves!

Domo Arigato Mr Roboto!!!

John Pausback

Great story Bean. I just checked out the YouTube video of Tommy's performance, and I'll be damned, he IS spot on. Hits those high notes perfectly. I love stories like these. Please check out the concert and give us a review.


Somebody should be bidding on the movie rights for this right now!!!!
p.s. your blog rules!!!


Stxy were HUGE in 1978, but as of 2001, when I last saw them, they were eerily Spinal Tap-ish.

Sketchbook by chris

Awesome story, I love hearing things like that. It gives me hope that someone will check out my drawings and hire me to be a low-cost alternative to Alex Ross. LOL

I am heading off to check out the vid.


Wait... Boston is touring again?

Awesome story, Bean.

Reminds me of my youth... I was supposed to see Boston in 1978 at the Angel's stadium in Anaheim. It was my first rock concert; my 'rock is of the devil' parents would not have let me go if I had said "rock concert" - I just said "concert" and lied about (not) having a parent with us. But we did need to be home at a decent hour, and after Sammy Haggar, Van Halen (they were still seperate acts) and Black Sabbath, along with constant second-hand weed, it got too late for us good teeny-boppers to be out, so we went home, and I never got to see them.


So that's what I've been doing wrong in my job search: Not enough karaoke. Got it.


I remember hearing a similar story where a band's drummer got ill and instead of canceling the show, the band asked the crowd if anyone could drum to their music. Sure enough someone said yeah and he did. I want to say it was the WHO but I don't remember


Incredible!!! Micheal Sweet of Stryper was my neighbor for many years. He is such a great guy and he also has the perfect voice for Boston. Did you catch their (Stryper & Boston) performance on VH1's broadcast of "Aftermath - The Station Fire 5 years later"?
Love your blog!!

Kings Fan

Love me some Boston, so if they make it out to the OC, I'll be there. Especially if Styx is still touring with them.

Hey Stacey, the way Cindy sounded on Sunday night at the Anaheim HOB, I think you could have stepped in for her that night. She said she had allergies, but I'm not too sure about that.

Conspiracy Theorist

Boston had a great studio sound, but weren't a great live band. Brad Delp could belt out a song like no one else, but Tom Scholz over-produced the hell out of the albums. Yes kiddies, albums! In concert, Scholz (does he still wear his knee brace?) stands in one spot and moves front and back. And he makes it known it's HIS band. Ego-maniacal at its worst.

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