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May 21, 2008



You should have told her to ask the nearest TSA guy to watch it instead. It's amazing people are still stupid enough to even ask. Although I did have a young man that was sitting next to us just leave his backpack unattended without asking us to watch it. He was gone for 10 minutes before my husband went and told security and they swooped in with a bomb sniffing dog in seconds and waited for the guy to return. When he got back he just shrugged his shoulders and said he had to go to the bathroom.

RE: New business - Have you ever tried to load your blog on an iPhone? It takes FOREVER to load! (but worth the wait)


What if middle-aged woman had a bomb in her luggage that she had you "watch" while she pushed the button from afar. I would have ran to a cart brought it back for her and had her watch her own luggage in the restroom.

I hate the type on this post. It's too bold and I find it difficult to read.


"Were we allowed to say no?" Good grief do you listen to crap phone calls that come in every day too?

No. It's only two letters but so hard for some people to say. Just say no. It's not your problem, and it doesn't matter if it's some terrorist looking guy or a really cute chick. Same thing with the phone. You have a half second to speak when I say hello or I hang up. The guy at the front door gets even less. Unless he is wearing a Girl Scout uniform.

I was SO surprised that the page loaded so quickly. I had already opened another tab like I usually do to get some other work done and then come back here later.


Thank God Frank told you about making your page faster to load! It was so slow before! Much better now!


I think federal regulations require that you are NOT allowed to leave your baggage unattended. She was breaking the law by asking you to "watch" it for her. Next time tell her that info and she'll have to walk off with her own bags.


the universal rule is you are allowed to go through her luggage and claim anything you may want.

and, i have tried loading your website on my blackberry and it is painful... so this renovation is greatly appreciated.

Sketchbook by chris

The lady was breaking the law by leaving her bags unattended. I would have just walked away and gone somewhere to watch her reaction or called security to report the bags were abandoned by a suspicious lady. How is she gonna learn if she doesn't get punished and how the hell do you know that her bags weren't bombs??? She has you watch them while she gets safely away and "boom goes the dynamite".


Many years ago I read about a study on whether asking someone to watch your stuff at the beach was effective - and it turns out it was. People were more likely to pay attention - and to speak up - if someone came along to steal the belongings of the absent person, if they had been asked to do so.

That being said, with all the security concerns and precautions at airports, it seems pretty clueless in this day and age to ask someone to watch your luggage.


Yeah, I too thought that the "rules" were that if you see unattended luggage that you must report it to a TSA person, and don't they ask you like 20 times when checking in if you have left your bags with someone you don't know or if they were ever unattended?!

So for next time I'd either say no, or just walk away, it'll teach her to not leave her bags with random people...especially BEAN....i mean geez!


the type is huge! even on my screen with a super high resolution!

that being said, loading much faster, thanks!

and i would have said no, and moved on. would it have been rude? sure. do i care? not really.


I usually have a "don't talk to me face" in public so nobody ever comes up to me for anything...but I would have said "absolutely NOT! you stupid hag!" and kicked her belongings all over the ground...I AM AFDRAID OF THE LARGE BOLD LOUD FONT MR BAXTER IT LOOKS VERY EARLY 2000's.

Larry Algaze

you just have to say no! I was at a Beatles convention and we were attending the closing concert. A guy sitting in front of me had a bunch of stuff on his chair that he had bought from the flea market. He casually asked me to watch his stuff and I casually said yes. Next thing I know, he comes back 1 hour later and his stuff is gone. He was ready to punch me out. Never again!


Hey! When you gotta go, you gotta go. Whataya
gonna do!

Edmund F

Love the load time. You go girl.

I carry a M80 just in case someone asks me to watch their bag. Then I plant it in there, call security and watch the Hilarity.

(In case this blog is being monitored I don't really carry an M80, its a joke)

your daughter

thanks blog reader nicole; if only i had known about the universal rule all these years, i would never have hesitated for the most split of seconds when people asked me to watch their belongings in the airport, or elsewhere, for that matter.

so glad you brought this up. i'm still not over it, either. i should have brought it up this week in therapy, but this is the next best thing.


Bean, you could have become a national hero! You and the mystery daughter should have wrestled her to the ground, thrown in a couple of round house kicks, Chuck Norris style, called security and have them drag her ass to Gitmo. This would have been a time for action! He who hesitates is lost! You probably would’ve gotten a call from Jethro and Shotgun, in the white house, telling you how hero-fied you are. Man, that bus has come and gone…

middle-aged women with bags

thanks for not sharing with your readers that i didn't make it to the restroom in time.


When I'm sitting around at the airport, it's usually with my iPod earbuds in my ears, and with a book open, and a highly concentrated look on my face. I rarely get bothered by anyone.

Still, I'm always astounded that someone would have that kind of trust in a complete stranger to "watch their stuff". Hello.... you don't know ANYTHING about the person from whom you're asking a favor. You might be putting your trust in a thief or a terrorist - you have no way of knowing one way or the other. Instead of saying, "could you watch my stuff", why don't you just say, "I'm going to be walking away, so I won't be able to see you when you make off with my stuff or when you plant a bomb in my bag." Idiots. True, most people are honest, but still, you never know with a stranger that you've never seen before and will probably never see again. (Bean, I hope she had some nice things in her bags for you to take!)


yes, much thanks for decreasing the amount of blogs on the main page. it was taking quite a while to load, and 14 is a-plenty.

as for the airport etiquette... oh hell, just be a decent person and watch the bags. I think the only real task required there is to tell thieves to buzz off. apparently you look like an honest enough person for her to have asked you, don't look into it so deeply.


Melissa? That's my name. How come you don't talk about her more? BTW... Dumbass for watching the middle aged women's luggage, what if there WAS a bomb in there.


I would have been afraid that it had a bomb. Who these days leaves their bags alone in the airport. Glad you are still here to tell about it.
As far the modifications to your blog, did load more quickly. I am interested in trying it at work. A couple of months ago my company started blocking your blog and now I have to wait till I get home to read it.


are you ever going to explain this whole mystery daughter thing? it's killing me!

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