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May 05, 2008



This is done by a guy in a country where about
half the people do their laundry in a river of poo. Maybe he should dedicate one floor to a public laundromat.


Think of all the ways that money could be used to help the people of that country. I think this is as sad as the dead guy and the dead horse.


This is what happens when you have alot of time on your hands and plenty of money to spend!!! WOW!!!


Apu must've sold a butt load of squishies for that crib.


You'd think he could afford to hire an architect with some aesthetic sense. Yuck!


You forgot to mention about the 600 servants needed to maintain that Jenga...tard!

Sketchbook by chris

I am in!


OMG. My mind can barely grasp having a "home" this size.


well maybe he can provide some jobs to the 350 million people in India that are still living below poverty


I hope the locals put a lighted brown bag of poo at his front door every night.


Only 50 movie theater seats??? Apparently, he doesn't like those Bollywood movies very much.


sheeesh...i would just love to someday own a home myself. maybe 1,200 sq feet in so cal, that i won't have to sell my first born for.

Mr. Mukesh Ambani's house is just stupid.

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