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May 13, 2008



When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars. This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius.


Bean-I live in one of those cities ravaged by a tornado. Macon, GA (ask Charles the security guard about Macon, GA) was hit by an F2 tornado around 6 am on Mother's Day. I slept through the tornado sirens, well, actually, they woke me up but I couldn't be bothered to get out of bed. I happen to live downtown so we only had wind damage but just 4 miles east of my loft the tornado laid waste to a major insection and all the surrounding businesses. I have never been this close to a tornado before. I am from SoCal so I only have experience with eathquakes and fires. Anyway, my roommate made the comment later that day that global warming is just tearing us apart and we had a conversation similar to the last paragragh of your blog. We didn't come up with any answers and then Family Guy came on so we stopped talking about it.


God Is Coming, and Is She Pissed!


I am currently living in DC and boy did it rain all day Sunday AND Monday. When I make comments to my co-workers about how it's obvious that global warming is here, their puzzled looks scare me. "Global warming? It's just May." Could it be that they are right? Oh wait! Sinkholes, floods and Archuleta.

Vic Rattler

Al Gore responded to your question.
He said; "I told you so, now go F yourselves."

brother john

We've had almost eight inches of rain in five days with more on the way. Don't wish Al Gore on us too. We can't take it.


It's heart breaking to read all those stories, but the comment about American Idol was flippin funny!!! Classic Bean!!! Thanks much!!!


Back in my college years another paper I wrote was about Weather Modification and the seeding of clouds...is it possible that this is happening?

Funny how lots of things are going on in China / Asia area with the Olympics only a few weeks out...

Jennifer W.

add to that list of disasters that Parvarti won the million dollars on Survivor!


Sounds like it's time to quit my job, max out my credit cards, eff exercise and eat fried stuff...Yippee!!


Just another mass extinction underway, God you’ve got to love Mother Earth, that lady knows how to take care of herself! The really hilarious thing about this one is, we started it and it hasn’t anything to do with nuclear weapons!...Great fun…

Glen Quagmire

It's WEATHER people! Stuff happens, people die --- next!

You want to stop exercising, and all that stuff, go ahead. Chances are, you are not in great shape anyway. Y'all need to live your lives to the fullest, each and every day.


I blame the Scottish....God I hate those people


I second what Jennifer W. said. - Effin' Parvarti.

Living here in the Bad Place, I can't help but feel that we're over due to have a major earthquake.


Fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones and earthquakes have been happening on earth for years. In the U.S. building codes have been established to help prevent these tragedies. In CA we are constantly improving buildings from burning or falling down. In Florida they are making structures along the coastal regions hurricane proof (except for mobile homes that should be outlawed in areas that are subject to hurricanes). Eventually the midwest will start building tornado proof buildings (same for mobile homes here). Floods can be controlled not building structures or intersections in low areas such as New Orleans.

As far as nature goes in the rest of the world it is just the Earths way of saying there are too many of you stupid people building crappy structures that fall down or blow away. We know asians can engineer stuff they can't all be in the U.S.

Finally, we should sue China for not controlling the growth of the Himalayas which is causing all of the weather problems for us in the U.S.


Bean, a major fault was discovered off the coast of Washington that will make Northridge seem like child's play. That will cause a giant tsunami to drown Seattle. I think it's not that these things didn't happen so much in the past, weather-related. It's just that info travels faster and there's more people in places that didn't use to have people.

As far as David A, keep him in. Let Idol have to deal with his dad for his entire contract. That will be AWESOME.


I think I saw a swarm of locusts by the 5 fwy in OC today, too. It the end of the world as we know it.....

Dean Lamborn

We are heading for a record setting year for tornados. But that doesn't mean it's not normal.
Fires in SoCal? Completely normal.
Earthquakes on the Pacific ring of fire are pretty normal. Worst in thirty years? Maybe, but plenty of others with BIG numbers.
Note the one in 1976. Some estimates of the death toll are as high as 655,000. The 7.5 was followed a few hours later by a 7.1.

* 1970 01 04 - Yunnan Province, China - M 7.5 Fatalities 10,000
* 1974 05 10 - China - M 6.8 Fatalities 20,000
* 1975 02 04 - Haicheng, China - M 7.0 Fatalities 2,000
* 1976 07 27 - Tangshan, China - M 7.5 Fatalities 255,000
* 2002 06 28 - Priamurye-Northeastern China border region - M 7.3
* 2002 12 25 - Kyrgyzstan-Xinjiang border region - M 5.7
* 2003 02 24 - Southern Xinjiang, China - M 6.3 Fatalities 261
* 2003 07 21 - Yunnan, China - M 6.0 Fatalities 16
* 2008 03 20 - Xinjiang-Xizang border region - M 7.2
* 2008 05 12 - Eastern Sichuan, China - M 7.9 Fatalities 12,000




No time for the end of the world!! I have shows on Tivo that still need to be watched!! Damn it!!!

michelle k

true end of the world sh** right there! been nice knowin you. see you on the other side!

Rebecca on Bainbridge

How can someone who lives in Western Washington complain about the weather? I think we forfeit the right to do that when we move here. When the sun starts to break through the gray here on our little island, that's when I will truly know that end times are near.

Well, "end times" or "summer". One of the two.

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