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October 28, 2007



Hmm..I think I'm guilt of the nuclear = nookyuler one. That's going to change immediately though.

I like the Heavens to Megatroid. Mind if I use that?


Runway model farmer? Does that mean you want to be a model who also farms or a guy who grows runway models in his fields? Hmm...

Tiffiny Whitney

My favorite word is "duck." Don't ask me why. I just like how funny it sounds.



Hey Bean:

Nice to see you're back. Missed the blog. I wanted to send you send you a picture of "Maddie," our 9-month old English Bulldog that we acquired since your last blog ended. She has been a great addition to the family and the kids love her dearly (she loves the kids as well). I'm not sure how to attach a picture here, so if you wish please let me know how to send you a picture.

Its great to see that you're back and we look forward to your posts.



Hi, Gene,

Speaking of photography, are your photos posted anywhere? Like Flickr, perhaps?



glad your blog is back. I couldn't work without it...


lol at dogloo. That's a funny word.

That is a good meme. I may have to tackle that. Thanks for giving me a though-free day of blogging in the near future.

Irene the Bean

Missed you, Bean! Glad you're blogging again.

All the best,

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