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October 27, 2007



It's not just me. That's really dumb, right? RIGHT?


Did you know that in Japan you can buy beer from vending machines? There are so many odd vending machines there. One disturbing one I saw was for used panties...GROSS!!

I used to live in Seattle and I have to say there is a good sized Japanese population there. And a good number of really hot happas (what you Americans call halfies).


Is it just me or does it seem like a bad hiding mechanism when the person's feet are showing??


I agree with Heather. And also, why display coke? Shouldn't you display something like prune juice to thwart someone that might blow your cover?

Tiffiny Whitney

Doesn't the machine look a

The feet are a little obvious too....


Tiffiny Whitney

Another thought just struck me regarding this. I would assume a good majority of rapes happen at night--not in broad daylight. Sooo...if someone is chasing you at night, and you inflate yourself into a giant vending machine, aren't you a little conspicuous considering the OTHER vending machines have lights in them, and you don't?

Totally a stupid idea. They need to add a light bulb.


Tiffiny Whitney

Last comment, I swear. This story is just too hilarious that I can't help it...

"She says the invention fits in with Japanese sensibility. "It is just easier for Japanese to hide. Making a scene would be too embarrassing."

It's sort of like that Seinfeld piece, where he comments on how the #1 fear of most people is public speaking, with #2 being death...and how that means that someone would be more afraid of giving a eulogy at a funeral than being in the casket.

Doesn't it come accross as odd that someone would rather be RAPED and possibly killed than call attention to their situation by causing an "embarrassing scene?"




um.. is there enough time to get the get up going? I think this is hilarious. It's pretty good even considering the feet but by the time you get this around you--couldnt you have gotten farther by just running?


I saw this when it was on Gizmodo. Those Japanese...they invent so many cool things, and so much crap at the same time.

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