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October 30, 2007



I'm going to go with the theory that the person that created the label just wasn't a good speller. You would think even "Jean" would have come to mind before "Jene". I've known some pretty bad spellers in my time and to be honest, this was only 1 letter off. I guess you should be happy the address was correct?


My father's name is Gene, short for the unfortunate fat-nerd-kid name "Eugene," and I've seen his named misspelled in so many ways over the years. I've seen the obviously feminine "Jean", the obviously made up "Jene," Gueine, Egueine, and my personal favorite U-Gene. I prefer to think that last one is his hardcore street name. My dad's a bad mo-fo. Just like K-Fed.


I can empathize because my name is Jean too. The idiots at Starbucks have spelled it so many different ways, I have resorted to just giving them my last name. Whenever I give my name over the phone I always spell it immediately after I say it!

Tiffiny Whitney

Don't feel too bad, Gene Bean. :) My name, as you know, is spelled "Tiffiny." It's a "curse" I'll have for the rest of my life. I've never seen anyone spell it "Tiffiny" on the first try. Always that stupid "Tiffany." Grr. Even my boyfriend constantly forgets.



I'm sure my husband can totally relate. He is not a Gene, but he is an Otto and for some reason whenever his says his name at a coffee shop they always right "Auto". I mean what the heck? Auto? Seriously? Why would anyone have their name spelled like that?

So he normally corrects them and tells them "it's o-t-t-o, like the bus driver from the simpson." And then they get it. But, come on!


I found one! A Jene, that is. I don't know who this person is, but they have a nice collection.



Well, #1 or not, those poor boys are also doomed to frustration, as most people will spell their name the correct way, as Aidan.


I too can relate to the poorly spelled name. While Ginger is not that common in terms of names, it is however a common spice and sushi condiment. Given these facts it is perplexing to me why service people cannot manage to spell the name and will resort to such spellings as "Jinjer, Jeenger, or Jeenjer." The shame of the public school systems.

My favorite is when ordering a Gingerbread Latte at Starbucks the staff cannot spell "Ginger," even when I point it out that it is printed on their menu. Good times.

Robert Jensen

I'm sure it was just a simple typo and they meant to write 'Jean'.


Um, simple name like John should not get spelled "Jhon" like it has been by idiots my whole life.


welcome back bean!
it's "Torrealba"


My uncle is a Gene, but within the family he is called Bozo. And not in a negative way either.


Clearly I'm late to the party.

I've got a similar problem, but in reverse. Whenever I give my name to someone that has to call it out (or more precisely, a typed in name that will be called out by someone else in the near future), they almost always say "ho-el." Really? Hoel?

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