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October 31, 2007



"Pumpkins are 90 percent water."

Great to know


Wow. 30,000 lit pumpkins! That would have been pretty cool to see.

Pumpkins a fruit? Huh, go figure.

Tiffiny Whitney

Very interesting, Bean. I had no idea that pumpkins were 90% water. And that pie looks delicious. You should look into pumpkin cupcakes. They're super yummy.


Tiffiny Whitney

Forgot to ask..."pumpkin" comes from the Greek word "Pepon?" When people came up for the name, were they really thinking about Greek words? I mean, come on...when the pumpkin was named, it was obviously an English word that came from English people (I don't know what the word is in other langauges, but I doubt it's pumpkins). So, when pumpkins were discovered and brought to other places FROM Central America, were they named by a scientiest and advertised as such? There are only two types of people whom I can imagine naming something after a Greek word at that time...a linguist or a scientist. It makes me wonder how the word came about and further popularized.

Just thoughts. If it doesn't make sense, I'm going to blame it on the fact that it's the end of the day.


Karl Nickenig

Wow um...I dont think ANYONE should know that much about pumpkins. but thanks anyways :D


And for those of us who are alumni from Calabasas High school, "calabasas" is the Chumash indian word for pumpkin.


How can pumpkins be 90% water, when they're almost entirely filled with air?

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