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October 29, 2007



Did they think that noone would know that those weren't real reporters? It just makes you want to be in the room when the powers that be come up with the idea to do this. I'm guessing you'd be the only one in the room thinking "You can't be serious....right?"


Hey there. I want to say "AH frickin MEN". I consider myself a political centrist, because I'm frustrated with all sides equally. What the heck is Congress doing? Nay, strike that - what is the whole governmental body doing? I am very involved with politics, and I've sent letters to the LA Mayor, Senators, and Presidential hopeful (don't hate me) Hillary Clinton. Here's a little excerpt -
"It disgusts and appalls me that a draft dodger is continuing with his war, at the expense of our brave men and women in the military. I know what its like – I was in the ARMY ROTC program at UCLA for a little over a year. I got out because I realized I would be able to do more good for my country as a private attorney or working for the government rather than just a pawn in a war. Speaking of, this country needs new leadership. The Bush administration is running things in a way that displays the attitude “who cares about who we lead, let’s profit from our greed”. We cannot allow that to go on any longer. In the very least, diplomatic negotiations need to be on the table as a possible solution – and the administration will hear none of it. They even have the decorated General Petraues give testimony to support their position to “stay the course”. Granted, he has served his time as a commander of troops; but I saw some of the presentation – not since former AG Alberto Gonzales have I seen such a lack of passion and awareness when talking about a topic as important as the military operations in Iraq."

I really like your blog. I'd ask you to check out mine, but you may be too busy maintaining yours. If you have a myspace acct and request me (my profile is private so you couldn't simply read my blogs without logging in) then please do so. Otherwise, I'll simply look forward to reading your next posts!


The Democrats have their problems, but they don't generally fall to the depths of the GOP when it comes to being mean spirited and petty.


Sigh. I swear to god, if we get another Republican in office in 2008, I'm going to...I'm going to just...move to Canada. I've been saying that for 8 years, though.


I know it's been a while since you posted this entry but I thought I'd direct you to an NPR Morning edition story about the toxicity of the trailers. FEMA went so far as to tell "workers to stay out of thousands of its stored travel trailers, amid concerns about exposure to hazardous fumes."

Yet they force people to live in these trailers for years.

what a great country.

here's the URL:

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