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October 17, 2007



Well, Bean, it seems these photos are real.

Now I, just the same as you, assumed this was more drummed up syrupy-sweet nonsense meant to make me smile and forget the drudgery of my otherwise tedious occupation, but upon further investigation to one of my favorite sites for verification of such matters, it turns out to be absolutely true.
Here is the link for verification:

I know Canines and Ursidae are closely related species and are obviously playing with each other in those photos (notice the submissive posture of the bear despite its superior size and strength), but I like your description of the dogs as bait nonetheless.

You just got blazed.


I saw these as well and doubted the authenticity, but the photos are so cool. Especially for those of us who have the false belief that Polar Bears are really cute and cuddly and not vicious.

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