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November 18, 2007



Thanks Bean...the Wife and I have been looking into doing something for others this year and this looks perfect..if you know of anything else please pass it along..


Thanks, Bean. It's important to remember our servicemen and women not only while they are overseas, but also when they return home. Advocates are already finding an unprecedented surge in the number of Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts who are homeless.


Thanks Bean for the good information.

Tiffiny Kaye Whitney

On one hand, I really do understand the policy.'d be nice of people could send care packages to soldiers who might not otherwise have the family or friends to make them feel appreciated for their sacrifices. It's too bad that things are so up in the air that we can't trust people to send legitimate packages of thanks.



Tiffiny, there are a few "adopt-a-soldier" programs out there... if you want to send something more personal than money, maybe you could check out one of those? Although, as my mother would be quick to point out, money is the ultimate gift: It's always the right size and color, and no one ever seems to return it! ;) reports that the Walter Reed chapter of the Red Cross will distribute very small items, such as phone cards or candy packets. It sounds like money is still the best way to go, but if you happen to have a stack of phone cards or a lot of unopened Halloween candy lying around, you can find the information at .

michelle k

this blog entry reminds me about your neighbor lady who put the numbers in her window of the deceased. does she still do this?

Michelle P

Bean... you've actually posted something VERY useful. I just received that e-mail from my HR lady last week, and being a Marine Corps vet, I wanted to support our recovering troops. Thank you for the edification on how to better support them.

Michelle P


The USO is an incredible organization and does with your money exactly what you would want to do yourself. This year for Christmas I am asking for donations to the USO instead of presensts.


Hmmm... Good to know. I had gotten one of those emails from my cousin. Normally I dismiss most things she sends or I send her a reponse URL from the great folks at ... But thins one actually sounded like a nice idea so I didn't look it up.

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