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November 21, 2007


michelle k

mmm yummay. bon appetit!

happy thanksgiving!


Well, after that breakdown a two course meal
of meth and moonshine doesn't seem all that bad in comparison.


May you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving



mmmmmmm...can't wait to try the egg-nog ice cream on the pumpkin pie tomorrow...thanks for the heads-up that it was now selling -- have a great t-giving!


that is soooooo unfair!
i just finished my morning wanna tell me what carcinogen i just ingested?
thanks Bean. Yet another reason to become anorexic!


The food on that plate is the exact meal I am cooking tomorrow . . . if the turkey ever thaws out.


this is a total pet peeve of mine.
let's compare PhD's in chemistry and banter about your misguided attempt at "informing the public"-all 1000 of us!
for example: caffeic acid (aka carbolic acid) is a proven carcinogenic inhibitor and antioxidant not only in a test tube but in the human body. really bad for you.
benzaldehyde is used for almond flavoring and is naturally found in cherries, apples and nuts to name a few. Stanislao is cursing you from the grave.
acetaldehyde is what causes hangovers and again found in all the "healthy" foods.
thankfully there are these things called metabolism and livers


I really appreciate your blogs. I think these things are important to know....and others just interesting. I don't think this is going to stop anyone that was planning on eating the traditional thanksgiving dinner from eating it. But good to know...thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!!


worst post ever


Mmmm... Ethyl carbamate.

Vic Rattler

Makes my mouth water.

Tiffiny Whitney

Very interesting, Bean. Of course, you just made me nervous about everything I'm freaking eating....




Great. I was fine with spending T-day 3,000 miles from my family, but now I'm all homesick for the rodent carcinogen Mom makes every year. Thanks a lot, Bean.

Kanye's Mom's Plastic Surgeon

First of all, someone give ARSENAL a Xanax so he/she/it can calm the hell down enough to figure out what point he/she/it is trying to make with the rant above. I may not have a PhD in chemistry, but I know a giant tool when I read a post from one.

Second, I was feeling somewhat guilty about not wishing you a happy birthday, Bean, because I get so much enjoyment from your blog and felt it was the least I could do to wish you well on your Special Day. But now, not so much. Your attempt to undermine my once-a-year orgy of food has failed, sir. Good day to you.


Bean, what the hell? You've totally cramped my Thanksgiving food orgy groove.


Well, makes the 4 paks of Pal Mals that I will 2nd-hand-inhale from driving grandma from Estherville, to Boise over the next week seem healthy! Thanks Bean! Gramma, roll up that window and turn up the deforster!

Cathy G.

Well if I am gonna die and least I will die happy and with a tummy full of turkey!!

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving...

Johnny Socko

Wow, you may have averted a health crisis in my home, Bean. Thanks to your post, I will not feed any of those foods to my rat ever again!

Sirius Karma

Nice post Bean, I demand a post on Pluto!


sigh...goddamn it bean. now i HAVE to smoke the mary jane in order to get my food down. Finally!! A real reason to get a 'script.


mmmmmm maybe in and out mught be a better alternative.....nah death with a smile and a stomach full free range turkey and organic yams......


Slightly depressed now...oh well! Eat up!


Bean.. I LOVE reading your blog!

Steve Schroeder

Bean has a tremendous blog!

One of my favs for sure, *some people* will never understand.

crissk I'm hungry!

Happy T-Day!


Way to bring us down, Dad!

Emily Alexis

Eh, I don't understand this stuff anyway. Eat up!

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