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November 17, 2007



I find it hard to believe that the Swiss are known not only for watches, chocolate and fondue, but also Orange Sherbet.


If I wanted, right now, I could go and have some of that pumpkin ice cream. It just happens to be in my freezer. I got mine last night at Albertsons. Burn, or no burn?


Who adds chocolate chips to orange sherbet? Is that a Pacific Northwest thing?

Tiffiny Kaye Whitney

I'm not with you on egg nog and peppermint. I'm not particularly fond of either of those flavors alone--let alone as ice cream. Pumpkin though...I think we should all write strongly worded letters to Dryers if it remains absent. I LOVE that stuff!!! Pumpkin anything, actually...



Peppermint - Yay!
Egg nog - Eew!

Did you stick your head IN the freezer at the store to take that photo?


Oooh, that eggnog ice cream looks delish!


I will be enjoying some "Perfectly Pumpkin" ice cream--purchased at Trader Joe's--this evening while I watch "The Big Joe Polka Show". Ahhh, life is good.


Bean - I hope you have stock in Dreyers, because after reading this post, I just picked up both Pumpkin and Peppermint Dreyers Ice Cream at the market . . .


Oh my sweet silly Bean!! Pumpkin ice cream has been out for some time. Maybe it's your grocery store. Maybe they have something against pumpkins. Let me know if I need to FedEx you some and I'll get it to you stat!!


the peppermint ice cream is awesome! i ate an entire quart of it when my friends and i went skating one day.

coco cream!!!


I found it!!! Pumpkin! Oh wait, it is the "Slow Churn" version. 1/3 less calories. I know that isn't what you are looking for either. What lousy luck. Might want to check out that Trader Joe's brand.


All - as an employee of the aforementioned Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream, I am not surprised at the mentioning of the Seasonal Peppermint, Egg Nog and Punmkin Ice Cream flavors for the Holidays. Please note that all of these flavors are LIMITED EDITIONS. There is only so much of each of these flavors made in the year, then they are gone until next year. The same is done with the other Limited flavors - Girl Scout Thin Mint, Samoa, etc. When they are gone, thats it until next year. Ice Cream is a perisable product, and if these are not sold by a certain date, they go bad and need to be removed from the shelves of your local markets. So.... get 'em while you can, 'cause they'll be gone soon. Enjoy!!


They have Pumpkin ice cream. I have it in my freezer right now along with Peppermint.
I wish I saw the Egg Nog one.


Okay lets disucss....I am obsessed with Peppermint Ice Cream as well, however this year has been a huge disappointment because Dryers has discontinued the "light" Peppermint at least in my stores in Los Angeles.


swiss orange is soooo good! you should try it if you havent!

I'm pretty sure peppermint ice cream is available year round, but usually only in the stores brand rather than the dreyers. i dunno maybe im just thinking wrong. but yes peppermint was always my favorite at christmastime(or anytime!)


Why no reference for Take The Cake flavor??? It's ice cream, and it tastes like cake. Did I mention it's ice cream and it tastes like cake? Point for cake!!!!


Trader Joes pumkin ice cream rocks!!! eat up bean! I did.


I love that you not only were excited about the ice cream, but lined them up, broke out a camera and took a picture...then went down another aisle and did it again.

Bummer about the flavor not being available though...

Of course, you could just MAKE some...would solve the problem...

Im just sayin'


One last word on the Ice Cream. Peppermint, Egg Nog, Pumpkin, Girl Scout, American Idol, are all Limited Edition Flavors. They are limited - hence the name. Peppermint is not available year round, only from ~October to early January. Same with the others. Some of the smaller retail stores only get so many, some as few as a couple dozen units, while the other larger stores get more. This is all depending on sales.


Sorry Adam but you are slightly wrong on the American Idol Take The Cake.

Also, see my previous post where I mentioned it's ice cream yet it tastes like cake. Another point for cake!!!!


Matt - you are correct re Take the Cake. Cake, as well as all of the other AI flavors were originally set to be Ltd Ed, with a voting by consumers to keep one and bring on new flavors. Cake won hands down. BTW - Apple Pie and Pumpkin flavors rock pretty hard!!! 2 POINTS FOR PIE!!


Oh Jesus, I can't believe I get excited about the same thing as you Bean.


The Trader Joe's Pumpkin Ice Cream is freakishly good.

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