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November 19, 2007



I almost saw that film, Bean. Thanks for the warning.

p.s. Get ready to laugh:


woah! oh wait wrong lawrence.
Some books just are not movie material.
Someday a producer will say "Maybe this isn't movie material!"
Right after I win the lottery


Aw. You should have gone to see "No Country for Old Men", it was excellent.

Tiffiny Whitney

Thanks for saving me $15. :) I had no intention of seeing it anyway...but now I know to steer clear and to get the word out to my family members and friends.



So let me get this straight. It's bad but isn't bad enough for it to come around to being good. Thanks for that info Bean!


Thanks for that info Bean! (say it like the jingle Ralph made)

javier bardem is really good in No Country for Old Men.

i felt dirty for laughing so much.

Vic Rattler

"At 2 hours and 20 minutes long the film is at least 2 hours too long."
So the credits were good then?

"* Ask your parents."
I know about Vicki Lawrence, ass.


Hey Bean, I saw an ad for the first season of Love American Style coming out on DVD on November 20th. Just letting you know in case it hasn't been emailed to you a million times already.


When I read the book, I thought Florentino was a creepy, stalker loser. So really Bardem was just playing him as he was written.


The Carol Burnett Show was a classic, as was Love American Style (Friday nights on ABC). Mama's Family, not so much.


I COMPLETELY agree with every sentiment you made Bean! I was trying to keep an open mind the entire time but ended up falling asleep and missed most of the "soft porn" movie. Now I'm questioning why they used the book in "Serendipity".


I have only ever heard of that book because it was featured in John Cusack's 2001 romantic comedy Serendipity. Does that make me a classless ho? Probably. I also only know about Citizen Cane because of Julie Brown's song "The Homecoming Queen's got a gun." I have no culture in my life...:(

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