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November 26, 2007



I've done A through D,but if I ever get my own blog I'll be able to complete the option list.


We have 20 million illegal aliens who can find work in this country. Yet this guy can't. Think about that.

I'll admit I'm a soft touch when personally approached by homeless on the street. I also bleed a little inside when I see a guy holding a sign that says, "Homeless Vet."

I had a boss who used to give guys like this McDonald's gift certificates. Some of them refused them. Some were grateful. You can't generalize about all homeless. Some are hungry. Some are scam artists. Some are addicts. And some are flat crazy.

I remember one day in Santa Monica back before the Net. I was going to the public library to do some research. It was an amazingly hot day on the West side. It had to be high-90s. There was a homeless woman in a black ski parka sitting on the steps of the library. She seemed perfectly comfortable.

Another time in SM (the homeless capital of America) I gave a homeless guy a buck outside of a 7/11. He gave me a quarter back. It was one of the most perplexing experiences of my life. He said, "That's a Bicentennial quarter." It was. I still wonder about that. I guess I hit his donation limit. Or maybe he liked perplexing young working men.


Is that the quality of photos taken with an iphone? I need to get me one of those. Nice job on the blog , by the way.


A and C. Only because they scare me.


Bean You are an Idiot.....
where is the strongly worded letter?
Who is it addressed to?
What is it about?

Tiffiny Whitney

D. I generally don't give homeless people money because I honestly don't know what they'll do with it. I did give a guy who claimed to be a vet a buck once...and I do give money to the bums who have dogs. Scam or not...I can't stand the idea of a dog starving.


Kings Fan

ME is right - where is the strongly worded letter? Um, I don't care, because I'm still laughing at your post.


Wish there was more that could be done besides slipping someone a buck....

Vic Rattler

A, B, & D.

You could've taken a photo AND given him some cash.

Multiple choice Bean.


I can't stand the idea of seeing someone beg for money whatever their excuse is... I try not to think about the negative things that person did to end up where he/she is, or what is that person going to do with the money.
I give them spare change everytime I can and I feel good about it, they say they are hungry, so I do what I can for them to buy food. If they do it or not thats up to them :)


I once saw a homeless guy walking down the street during a cold night a few years ago...i gave him a jacket i had and 10 dollars that i found earlier in the day..the ones that stand with signs...i just ignore because you know they have money to get the marker they write with..


F. Stare him in the eye as you eat a double cheeseburger while burning a $20.00 bill.

Edmund F.

F: Get out of my car, beat him (especially if it is a disabled vet with a limb in a cast), take his money, count it. If it is more then I make in a day I take his money, if it is less I put it back in his pocket then lay a dollar on his unconcious and beaten body (if it is the holiday season I write "Merry Christmas" on the dollar).

God Bless


Maybe I missed something, but for the comment above (re: Fleiter) why is there an assumption that he is an illegal alien? What was it that tipped you (Fleiter) off?


I was going to give a homeless guy a couple of bucks once, but then I looked closer and noticed that his Nikes were nicer than my Nikes. So I asked HIM for a few bucks so I could buy some new Nikes. He looked at me for a second, smiled, and told me he works hard at what he does, and cannot give away what he "makes". WTF is that about?


perhaps unrelated but in Japan thousands of English teachers were left homeless and began exchanging English lessons for food. It made for an awesome Halloween costume. Look up NOVA in facebook.

the offramp panhandlers make a LOT of money per hour once you think about it. My supervisor once handed an offramp guy a five dollar bill once. The typical red light doesn't last longer than 3 to 4 minutes. If he can generate that amount of empathy consistently, he can easily make up to 100 dollars an hour.


I hope this doesn't sound evil, but I work really hard to make the money that I have. So I do not feel right giving someone money for no reason. When I was in college I bought a homeless woman a hamburger and she threw it on the ground and said she didn't want it. I dunno. It's hard to see and I really do feel bad, but I am now the one who ignores that person.


C and E, of course!


But when I am walking and I see a homeless person, I do give them money if they ask me for it because I feel guilty.
Though once my uncle told me that he went to a swapmeet (sp?) and there was this couple asking for money and telling him that they were trying to make ends meet, etc. So he decided to give them 5 dollars. A few hours later, he sees the same couple getting into their car and it was a hummer.


My compassion for my fellow man is, I'm afraid, outweighed by my trepidation at rolling down my window and giving some random guy a chance to reach in and grab me.

'Cause I'm, y'know, like... a GIRL.

(A girl with serious iPhone envy.)


Edmund F.:

My comment wasn't that this guy is illegal. He is most likely a citizen. My comment is about why we have such a labor shortage in this country that we can hire 20 million illegal aliens, but this guy can't find work enough to buy something to eat. Think about it, if you were on the street, wouldn't you take a job washing dishes before you would beg for money?

Jessica Fletcher

B. I figure it's on my conscience to be generous, and it's on his conscience what he does with it.


i give him $3!


Aahhhh, mankind. Aren't we fine. The amount of money I give a homeless person usually depends on my own spending for that day. If I know I'm about to go in and have $20 worth of mararitas somewhere, I will be that much more generous to someone because I consider how I'm just going to go and drink my money away, anyway - might as well help someone out.

I do not concern myself with whether they will use the money for "needs." - Hey, they deserve a margarita, too.


yeah well the problem with people donating to homeless people is that you're not talking to them. once, when i was walking into subway, there was this homeless guy sitting there. i bought myself a sandwich, and one for the homeless guy. i gave it to him, and he threw it back to me and said he didnt need it.

so what DO they need?

what we need to do,
is to actually talk to those homeless people. maybe they have something more, than just sitting in the streets. after all, they ARE lonely.


I am originally from New York City. If I see guys like this, I usually buy them a bottle of JD or something.

It's cold in Nyc. If I was homeless, I'd want a bottle. The way I see it, if I give him money, he'll just spend it on drugs. Wait...Where was I going with this?

You also don't have an option on here for "proposition him for sex", which I feel makes this quiz unfair to those of us who consider that sort of thing.

Not me of course...but those of us.

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