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November 15, 2007


Tiffiny Kaye Whitney

Dude, Bean....that letter rocks on so many levels. If you actually sent that in to Toyota, you are my new personal hero.




Happy Belated Birthday, Bean!




Wow...wow...you have WAAAAYYYY too much time on your hands


That beeping is to discourage people from attempting to drive the car backwards all the way to their destination. I'm sure you're just joking around, but it took me about two seconds to find the solution to your problem:



Please, you must let us know how Toyota Guy or Gal responds.


YOU and I should also write one to Landrover USA. Their vehicles SUCK ass.


As a prospective 5'8" tall Prius buyer, it's good to know a really tall guy finds it a comfie car to drive

The Priest Who Stalks Conan

I could be wrong here, but I think the beep beep beep noise might be a ploy from the auto manufacturer to get people not to drive in reverse so much. Perhaps just a subliminal thing to force one to use their gas fueled automobile.

Then again, it could be a feature for the blind drivers, but really, they shouldn't be driving in reverse anyway.

A tree just feel on my car. Got to go...



This disables the beeping noise

1. Power on the car to IG-ON or READY. IG-ON will do for this purpose.

2. Using the Trip/ODO button, set the Trip/ODO display to ODO (not Trip A or Trip cool.gif

3. Power off the car.

4. Now power the car to READY (brake on). This is required so that step 6 works correctly.

5. Within 6 seconds of powering on, press and hold the Trip/ODO button for 10 seconds or more.

6. WHILE STILL HOLDING ODO *after* the 10 seconds, shift the "gear" selector from P to R, then back to P. Now release the Trip/ODO button.

7. If the last step was successful, "b on" or "b off" should be displayed in the location where the Trip Odometer or Odometer is normally displayed. "b on" is beep on, and "b off" is beep off.

8. Press Trip/ODO to toggle the mode.

9. Now power the car off to exit the toggle mode.

10. Power the car on to READY and confirm the reverse beep status by shifting to R. The beep should not be audible if "b off" was selected, and should be audible if "b on" was selected.



this is why I love you bean....


Please help me! Please write a strongly worded letter to all reporters and explain the difference between "robbery" and "burglary". It makes me cringe to hear "my house was robbed." Robbery is taking something by force or fear. Burglary is entering a building with the intent to commit a felony (usually theft). So your house is burglarized by burglars. Not robbed by robbers. Bank robbers are taking the money from people by force, so it is really robbing the tellers, customers, etc. If they broke in after closing, it would be burglary.
Thank you for letting me vent.

Tom Greene

Here is an easy 5-step solution:
1. Put car in neutral
2. Release emergency brake
3. Stand in front of the car
4. Place hands on hood of car
5. Push


That's strange. I don't get that beeping in my Hummer when I'm in reverse. http://www.targetofopportunity.com/prius_hummer.htm

A better distinction between robbery and burglary is that a robbery is when someone robs a person, while burglary is when they rob a place. If someone breaks into your home and takes things while you are gone, it is a burglary, but a home invasion is a robbery because the victims are present.


bean i find it a bit ironic that the deaf community wants toyota to make the prius louder, so that they can sense the car coming. maybe you have the solution to their issues.


FYI* That annoying beep is standard in all the cars in Japan. I have been putting up with it for 5 years. My next car will definitely be a GM car, without the beep. Screw the mileage.


I'm pretty sure that the beeping comes from backup sensors. The faster they beep, the closer whatever it is you are about to hit. Lots of cars have had this for a while now. Why you need a visual and auditory warning system when you could just use your mirrors, I have no idea.


My mom has a Prius and that car drives me nuts. The rare times I do drive her car, I find it to be such a pain that I would rather walk. And yes, the beeping is incredibly annoying. Thank you Toyota for letting me know that Im backing up, when I am the one who put my car in reverse in the first place.

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