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November 08, 2007



The Phillies had played in the World Series, before. Don't forget the Whiz Kids. But, 1980 was their first WS championship.


Ok, this has nothing to do with your topic at hand, but I was curious if you were going to bring back "Tater Tot" Fridays? They were my favorite.
I'm just sayin'
PS I'm glad you've decided to blog again, you are a gifted writer...
Thanks Bean


Philadelphia is the worst city in this country. Most of its denizens are chain-smoking Mustang drivers who think they are funny or nappy headed hos. The cheese steak sandwich is nothing but a tribute the women of Philadelphia's vajayjay-messy cheesy meat filled slop.
Seattle isn't the sporting capital of the USA, but seriously.
Luke Ridnour?
No wonder Seattle is to sports what intelligence is to a Raiders fan.


have you seen those laker cheerleaders.....mmmmmm very nice indeed. my personal experience is that there are no cute girls in beantown. sometimes around last call........


I like the NY Post's response to the Patriots "spy-gate". There is an asterisk next to the Patriots name, and a note "caught cheating".


And now Philly is winners in 2 catagories: fattest and ugliest city. Sad isn't it? Good work Bizean(Bean).


In 1917 the Seattle Metropolitans won the Stanley Cup. Tens of people showed up for the parade.


Bean, I'm from Philly and grew up during the 80's...you just made me cry remembering just how bad our Teams are, constantly!
It's times like those that make a philadelphian happy to have The Philadelphia Wings (Lacrosse)

Vic Rattler

(gratuitous cheerleader photo)

Thank you.


Come on, you've got the Seattle Thunderbirds who are not completely in the last place in their division (they're next to the last).


Gene - much props to you for being able to retain so many details - names, dates, etc. And they say true sports fan don't pay attention. Yes, we do.

I was so disappointed when the Colts lost on Sunday - and so did my SD Chargers! Its okay - Tom Brady might have led the NE Patriots to victory, but Payton Manning is an athletic genius and the
Indianapolis team will rise again.


Liking the green panties on the cheerleaders.


So the Pats are cheating? They are just the only ones who've been caught so far. You can't seriously think they are the only ones trying to gain an advantage? Don't kid yourself. Celtics? Meh - let's see what happens with the playoffs come around. Boston College - top team in the nation? - pah-leeze!!


Let us focus more on the cheerleaders. Hot
cheerleaders in any team color is still HOT.

Can I get an amen!

Tiffiny Whitney

You know...I think that's the only blog that I couldn't get all the way through on the first try. Say a sports statistic and I'm lost.



Never mind all that... Is that blonde girl on the right flipping the bird??

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